Andrew Benintendi & the future of the Sox

Red Sox fans are excited with prospect Andrew Benintendi & his progress to being a star in Boston

Andrew Benintendi hasn’t had a large sample size in the MLB so far but, he’s being lauded as the top big league prospect of 2017. Former Red Sox Yoan Moncada was ranked as the 2nd best prospect for 2017. Gleyber Torres finishes out our top three as the shortstop sent to New York for Aroldis Chapman at the deadline last season. With so many great prospects that made noise in 2016, I’m excited to say we’ve got the top guy on our squad. New York Yankee Gary Sanchez, who’s name also comes to mind as an very good player, mashed 20 homers in 201 at bats spanning two months.


Watching Benintendi play in Baltimore reminded me of when I first saw Dustin Pedroia play for the first time. He might not get the respect he deserves at the start of his career but, he’ll earn it soon enough. When I saw Benintendi crush a three run homer to right field essentially ending any chance of a Baltimore comeback, I was very excited for two reasons. One, we won the game and two, this guy looks like he could be our future one or two hole guy in the Sox line up going forward.


With Pedroia slotted as the leadoff guy, Benintendi figures to be the two man. We lost David Ortiz and gained Andrew Benintendi. Andrew Benintendi was great in college at Arkansas and I feel that 2017 could be his big break out year. Definitely a player I would keep my eye on. He’s still going to be under team control for several more years and if the Red Sox are smart they’re going to lock him up long term.


Here’s to hoping that Andrew Benintendi can stay healthy and knock 2017 out of the park! I’m projecting the 2017 Boston Red Sox line up will look a little something like this:

  • Dustin Pedroia (2B)
  • Andrew Benintendi (LF)
  • Mookie Betts (RF)
  • Xander Bogaerts (SS)
  • Hanley Ramirez (DH)
  • Mitch Moreland (1B)
  • Sandy Leon (C)
  • Pablo Sandoval (3B)
  • Jackie Bradley Jr. (CF)


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