Can Pomeranz & Rodriguez fulfill what was missing in 2016?

Boston Red Sox Drew Pomeranz & Eduardo Rodriguez owe fans a 2017 marvel after disappointing campaigns in 2016


Drew Pomeranz came to the Red Sox via trade in 2016 for flame thrower Anderson Espinoza who was only 18 years old. As we fast forward to the present, San Diego failed to disclose medical issues regarding Pomeranz and his ability to be a clear cut starter was put in question. Pomeranz came to the Sox as damaged goods which really upset the fan base. We’ve yet to see what punishment will happen to Padres ownership for their selfishness.


We can only hope that Espinoza doesn’t turn into the next Roger Clemens. If Pomeranz can’t fulfill a promising 2017 season, I feel that the only thing that’s fair is to give Pomeranz back to San Diego and receive Espinoza or an equal prospect in return. This trade never would have gone through in the first place had we known all the details. That being said, we’re going to be spending $4.45 million on his contract for this season. I don’t think Pomeranz is worthy of receiving a multi-year deal because of his health concerns.


Eduardo Rodriguez also didn’t have a great 2016 season either. Rodriguez came to the Sox via the Andrew Miller Trade during the 2014 season. It’s because Pomeranz and Rodriguez couldn’t excel that the Red Sox went out and got Chris Sale. There’s no other explanation. Now I’m not expecting both Pomeranz and Rodriguez to both be gophers this year but I’m not expecting them both to play like elite clear cut aces either.


Rodriguez is still under team control and coming up on salary arbitration in the not so distant future. Unless Rodriguez can stay consistently healthy, he’s going to be going through arbitration year after year until he can show that he can replicate his 2015 numbers on a regular basis. I’d say he wouldn’t be worth the type of contract that the Cardinals just gave Carlos Martinez, five years for $51 million including options for 2022 & 2023.


The Sox will roll out with Cy Young Winner Rick Porcello, newly acquired Chris Sale, David Price, Eduardo Rodriguez and Drew Pomeranz rounding out their front five. If one of them falters they can always use Joe Kelly as a temporary replacement. If he doesn’t work the next guy in line would be Brandon Workman who’s due for an up year after an awful 2014 campaign. With that knowledge, Sox fans have to hope that none of their elite starters sustain major injuries.


Photo Credit: Brad Penner / USA Today Sports

Photo Credit: Rob Bradford / WEEI


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