Mookie Betts & 17 more Red Sox receive 2017 salaries

Betts receives 2017 contract – 2nd highest salary awarded to non-arbitration eligible player


The Sox have finally come to terms with Mookie Betts in regards to his 2017 salary. He’ll receive $950,000 this year, a substantial raise from his $566,000 last season. The Sox unilaterally renewed him giving him the second highest deal for a player that was not arbitration eligible. Betts & the Sox couldn’t come to terms after his remarkable 2016 campaign. I honestly thought the Sox should have given him the same bump that Mike Trout received ($1 million) before his mega deal. The Sox added 17 more Sox to 1 year deals just a month before the season will begin.


For Betts, I’m expecting him to get something big contract wise especially if he can repeat what he did last season. If he can replicate those numbers, Betts can look to get something bigger than Trout’s 6 year $144.5 million dollar deal in a few years. It will prove complicated as arbitration begins next year and will last until 2020. He’ll become an unrestricted free agent in 2021 and that’s when it’ll get real exciting. Betts will be on everyone’s radar. I’m just hoping the Yankees don’t try and go all in for Betts in 2021. Safe to say that every Sox fan want him to spend his entire career in a Sox uni.


Photo Credit: Steve Mitchell – USA TODAY Sports


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