Andrew Benintendi – Joining the Sox’s Killer B’s

Frontrunning Rookie of the Year Award candidate Andrew Benintendi is ready to join to join  the stars of the Sox  future


Yes, I know I’ve raved about Andrew Benintendi before but what he’s done in Spring Training the last couple games has further proven that he’s already to join the ranks of Bradley, Bogaerts & Betts. It only makes sense that his name start with a B as well. Sox are rolling out with the killer B’s in hitting and devasting P’s which stands for pitching or coincidentally the Sox staff consisting of Porcello, Price & Pomeranz.


Benintendi in the first three games of March has owned it. Call him Mr. March, he won’t mind. Going 8/10 including 6/7 against the Braves. Benintendi started off March by going 2/3 with a home run and two runs knocked in followed by going a perfect 4/4 with two doubles, a single, a home run and knocking in three runs. He furthered his case by hitting two more doubles a couple days later knocking in another run for good measure. A solid line, 4 doubles, a pair of singles, two home runs and six runs knocked.


I’ll take it. Yes, it’s an extremely small sample size but this is the type of offensive onslaught that we were expecting after hearing that Benintendi put on some weight and worked on being both a better contact and power hitter. Who isn’t looking forward to this? One of the biggest questions before this season started was in replacing Big Papi’s bat, I think we found another solution to our problem.


Yes I was sad when David Ortiz retired but not because of the missing bat from the line up, we lost our clubhouse leader who led the team for over a decade. Everyone knows the Sox would do their best to step up and step up they have. Benintendi’s bat coming alive over the last couple days has reassured my initial thoughts about him from last season. After watching him play he is going to be something special. Just a few weeks left until spring training is over and the regular season can begin.


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