David Price elbow injury more severe than originally expected

Red Sox star pitcher David Price’s ailing elbow not getting any better, cause for concern?


With the beginning of the season right around the corner, the biggest concern now lies with David Price and his elbow. When Price’s injury was originally disclosed, everyone feared the worst. Our expectation was that Price needed Tommy John surgery. Then, in a stunning revelation, after seeing Dr. James Andrews, a specialist dealing with these types of injuries, Price would not require surgery. Thank goodness, finally some good news. It was a sign knowing that after a little rest, he’d be fine.


That feeling of relief that Red Sox fans felt earlier in February has since dissipated. Price was supposed to be sidelined for 10 days. That was almost three weeks ago and there has been no progression towards returning anytime soon. Some now think that he might not come back until May, perhaps later. Suddenly the promising 2017 start for the Sox is beginning to not look as bright. Did the Sox just lose 2017 before the season started? Absolutely not.


Anyone would admit that this could potentially be a huge blow to the rotation. With Rick Porcello, Chris Sale and Price it looked the Sox were going to have three 200+ inning eaters at the front end of the rotation. Now we’re down to two. When Dave Dombrowski was released by the Tigers, he didn’t have to look for a job long as the Sox snagged him right up just two short weeks later. Everyone knows what he can bring to a club.


No one could have predicted that Price would have been injured to start 2017. Dombrowski could have rescinded the trade of Drew Pomeranz for Anderson Espinoza. Why didn’t he? It’s still anyone’s guess and we’d all look foolish if Pom Pom gets 15 wins and strikes out 200+ guys. Not likely. Kyle Kendrick has done very well this Spring and I’m excited to see what he can bring to the table. Kendrick has posted a 1.96 ERA while also striking out 20 over 23 innings and has kept hitters to a .205 average. I’ll take that. Not too bad for a $1 million dollar deal right?


If Chris Sale didn’t get acquired I’d say we’d be in for a very ugly season. With Price & Pomeranz injured, they’d have a rotation consisting of Porcello, Eduardo Rodriguez and Steven Wright as your front three. Not scaring anyone there. Not to mention the Sox would be putting a lot of pressure on Rodriguez to perform as a two starter when we’ve expected him to fill in the shoes of a three man. We shouldn’t give up hope.


Pomeranz might just be missing one start in the rotation after all. That being said you’re looking at a Porcello, Sale, E Rod, Kendrick and Wright rotation. Not too shabby. When Pomeranz returns it’ll likely move Wright into the bullpen. With just 11 days until the season starts, all we can do is keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best. With Pablo Sandoval ready for a fresh start and Andrew Benintendi joining the Boston B’s hitting attack, the Red Sox should be just fine going into 2017.



Photo Credit: Paul Nisely – SN Illustration MLB Photos


2 thoughts on “David Price elbow injury more severe than originally expected

  1. I agree with your assessment However. I think Wright will surprise you and having
    another Wakefield on board can’t hurt. Don’t forget a 4 man rotation works in April
    with providions for weather issues…

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