Red Sox: Jackie Bradley Jr. injury

Boston Red Sox lost one of their leaders to a knee injury


Jackie Bradley Jr. was one of the big surprises in 2016. From 2015 to 2016 several of his numbers doubled. His home run totals went from 10 to 26 and RBI totals went from 43 to 87. Yes the games doubled up too but just because you play twice the amount of games doesn’t automatically mean you’re going to double up on your output. JBJ also adds the glove and All Star nod in ’16. Missing him in the line up hurts defensively. I’ve got no problem with Chris Young but if I had a choice I’d put my money on JBJ. Duh.


Bradley Jr. injured his knee after rounding 1st base in Detroit. Doctors have stated that JBJ has sprained ligament in his knee. After looking at the replay again, it was clear that he was trying to catch himself and unfortunately after toe spiking the dirt and attempting to catch himself not once but twice, it didn’t work out and he went down. Tuesday JBJ was placed on the DL. Just a few days earlier, JBJ made an amazing catch in center field and Sox fans would love to see him return soon!


Photo Credit – CSN Report


One thought on “Red Sox: Jackie Bradley Jr. injury

  1. JBJ should be rehabing with the Paw Sox before the 10th day on the DL.. It didn’t appear after the initial
    inpact (center field projection in Comerica Park (Detroit) that the injury was that serious

    JBJ is one the B’s but luckily the other B’s are holding court just fine. The B’s are the nucleus of super
    team and when Price, Sale & Porcello get rolling, watch out!


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