Red Sox: Pomeranz shines in Sox debut

Boston Red Sox starter Drew Pomeranz pitched wonderfully in his 2017 season debut


When Drew Pomeranz came over to Boston, they were expecting to get someone who get innings, strike outs, and most of all wins. What they ended up getting was someone who was not completely 100% and failed to get out of the 5th inning in most of his games. Pomeranz last night went 6 strong innings allowing one run on 4 hits while also walking just one batter and struck out 6 including two in the first inning. Through the first 5 innings of work, Pom had allowed just two hits and struck out 6 batters. He was completely locked in. He earned that win, no question about it.


Last season many remember Pomeranz as a bust for the lack of a better term. After sporting a 2.47 ERA in San Diego adding 115 K’s in 102 innings of work, it was anything but successful upon coming to Boston. Pom went 3 – 5 with 71 K’s and a whopping 4.59 ERA. Nothing was clicking. Last year, there were only two games where he went farther than 6 innings. While I’m definitely not complaining, if the Red Sox had given Pom more run support earlier on, he would have certainly gone one more inning. I doubt that it would have gone farther than that.

When Pomeranz was in San Diego playing, he pitched very well in April allowing more than two earned runs just once and posted a 2 – 2 record. If we throw in May as well, he allowed two earned runs in one game, one earned in another and had three games were he didn’t allow a run. Having run support definitely hurt his numbers. Getting the run support will not be an issue in Boston especially with the big bats coming back from the disabled list, bereavement, and the flu. Looking forward to Steven Wright coming next!


Photo Credit – CSN Sports


One thought on “Red Sox: Pomeranz shines in Sox debut

  1. Pomerantz turned out to be a wonderful surprise. Amazing that Chris Sale and Ric Porcello
    who pitched as well this week had nothing to show for it.


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