Red Sox: Matt Barnes ejected for throwing behind Manny Machado

Boston Red Sox reliever Matt Barnes was ejected in the 8th inning for letting one go behind Orioles 3rd baseman Manny Machado

There’s no question that when Dustin Pedroia went down because of a late slide by Manny Machado that there were going to be some fireworks later on in the series. Machado wasn’t going to get hit in facing Steven Wright, that’s not intimidating. A 70 mph knuckle ball doesn’t send a message. It’s gonna be someone who throws fire. That’s just how it’s gonna be in baseball unwritten rules. You hurt one of our guys and the retaliation game begins. It should end after that, however in some cases it starts a long rivalry that can last years.

It’s not pretty, but it’s an unwritten rule that you shouldn’t try and injure another teams player. Furthermore, instead of going out and saying, oops, I made a mistake, you say I’m not going to change the way I play the game. Stupid response. That will earn yourself a drilling. Now I’m not saying that he deserved to have a shot at the head because that just stupid and dangerous. Did Matt Barnes lose control of the pitch or did he mean to drill him? We’ll never know but given Machado’s dirty slide, it’d be highly coincidental that the pitch “slipped” when Machado was at the dish. Christian Vazquez was waiting for a pitch that was meant for the outside corner.

I’ll give Machado a lot of credit for going crazy as the pitch sailed right behind his head and hit his bat before hitting him. The ball hit the bat first making it not a hits batsman but a foul ball. Now, I’ll say it again so we’re clear, you DON’T go after someone’s head when you’re trying to bean them or send a message. Hitting someone in the head can end a career. That’s the last thing any ballplayer would try to do regardless of their feelings towards their opponents.

The cameramen had no problem finding both Pedroia and Machado and you could clearly see the latter whistling trying to get the attention of the Orioles third baseman. You can see him clearly saying, “That wasn’t me. If it was me, they would have hit you on the first day.” To which Machado’s likely response in all honesty was, “C’mon man he’s going for my head. Not cool.” Pedroia responded mouthing, “I know that was b***s***. I know that, you know that, I know that. That wasn’t me, it was them.” Pedroia and Machado both deserve some credit here. Pedroia is a class act and no one expected anything less but with Machado, not so much. He really showed maturity by not acting out and that’s important for the O’s management to see. He’s maturing, it’s happening.

Machado on the next pitch hit a doubled to deep center knocking in the Orioles’ first run after being down 6 – 0 and with the game almost over. The Orioles ended up finishing the game with one more run but it was not enough as the Sox ended up with the W 6 – 2. This should spell the end of the situation that started with Machado taking out Pedroia. If another batter gets hit with a fastball in the 95+ mph range, you’re looking at a real rivalry heating up. We’ll see what happens as the Sox host the O’s from May 1st – 4th.

The Sox go on to finish their 17 games played straight with a 9 – 8 record. The Sox now have a 11 – 8 record, two games behind the 12 – 5 O’s who lead the AL East. The Red Sox will next host the Yankees from April 25th – 27th. Rick Porcello will handle game 1 duties for the Sox facing off against Luis Severino. The Sox are still waiting on Pedroia who is scheduled to have an MRI on his knee and ankle to see about the swelling that has not subsided. We’re all hoping that additional tests reveal nothing and that all he needs is rest. With that, we’ll wish Pedroia a speedy recovery and move on.


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One thought on “Red Sox: Matt Barnes ejected for throwing behind Manny Machado

  1. Barnes faces potential disciplinary action from MLB for attempting throw at Machado’s head?
    Not sure it was on purpose but behind the head is a no no.
    Will the Orioles retaliate next week when the two teams meet?
    Condition of Pedroia could make the difference. If he winds up on the DL ( a possibility
    retroactive to Saturday thus 3 days including today leaving 7 for rehab. He has a knee
    issue related to the rear calf issue where he got spiked.


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