Red Sox: Pablo Sandoval to DL

Boston Red Sox 3rd baseman Pablo Sandoval heads to disabled list for knee sprain injury – return uncertain

Everyone knows Pablo Sandoval. After winning three World Series Titles in San Francisco, he was rewarded a huge contract with the Red Sox in the amount of $95 million spanning five years. Panda didn’t live up to the contract the first two years creating problems along the way. Last season he barely played before being having season ending surgery. The Panda vowed to come back healthier, stronger, with a willingness to play and an apology for becoming “complacent” after getting his contract with a new team.

Before the third year began, Pablo kept his promise. He tore it up in spring training and led the team in home runs (5), runs batted in (20), and at bats (65). He also added 22 hits which was good for second. His regular season hasn’t had the same return and has been slow. The plus side is that he has had big hits in a couple games but has remained quiet otherwise. Sandoval still leads the team in home runs with three and is second in RBI’s with 10. He’s tied for 6th on the squad with 13 hits.

Overall, Sandoval hasn’t been worth the contract that he got before the 2015 season began. Panda can only hope to live up to year three of the deal. One little fun fact for 2017, he tried stealing a base this season which he hadn’t tried to do in over four years. You gotta give the guy some credit for trying. He had some swelling in his knee after a grounder came his way on Sunday. Steve Selsky came in after the 6th inning was over and got one at bat in where he ended up grounding out to third in the 8th.

With the Panda now on the shelf, he’ll join Dustin Pedroia on the injury list. Pedroia hasn’t gone to the DL giving us hope that he’ll return soon. Sandoval now on the 10-day disabled list will be retroactive to April 24th. Josh Rutledge has been called up to take his spot on the roster. After 17 straight games with no off day, the Sox now have two in a row with tonight’s game being postponed. Assuming Wednesday doesn’t get rained out, the boys will be well rested and should have an interesting line up. Let’s hope they don’t get another stretch of 17 straight games again. The Sox finished 9 – 8 over those games and finished on positive note with a 6 – 2 victory over the Orioles.


Photo Credit – Patrick Semansky – AP Photo


One thought on “Red Sox: Pablo Sandoval to DL

  1. Panda Stats;
    2015 470 .245 .292 10 47
    2016 6 .000 .143 0 0
    2017 61 .213 .269 3 10

    At the least, he has been a major disappointment. He did come into camp in
    better physical shape and for spring training and the first week of the regular
    season has some eyes open. Since then the eyes are squinting if not closed
    with the recent injury and 10 day DL assignment

    The homestand likely will be only 8 games unless the Red Sox & Yankess play 2
    on Thursday. The rain will be over by then, the question do both teams want
    1 or 2 games to make up The Cubs and Orioles games should go on as


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