Red Sox: Another Chris Sale performance spoiled – offense no where to be found

Boston Red Sox star Chris Sale pitches another amazing game and is left with another loss due to no offense

Let’s go over what we do know. Chris Sale is ridiculously good. The Red Sox offense isn’t good, not right now at least. The Sox bats are nowhere to be found. After putting up just three hits tonight, they need to do something and they need to do something fast. Perhaps they need to watch Major League and call up Pedro Cerrano to talk to Jobu and wake up their bats because they look asleep. At this point, anything would be better than what we’ve seen.

Rick Porcello experienced it last night and now Chris Sale tonight. It’s awful. The Sox have put up just one run on the board in the last 18 innings against the Yankees. This isn’t a rivalry. It’s just sad. This is supposed to be the biggest and best rivalry in all sports. Tonight this looked like a great pitchers duel between two teams that play in the AL East. That’s it. The offense needs to heat up and soon.

How good is Sale this year? Well Sale has struck out 10 or more in 4 straight starts. He’s averaging 7 2/3 innings pitched in his last four starts. He’s averaging 10.4 K’s per start and has given up just one home run in 37 2/3rds total innings of work. He’s also allowed just five earned runs, six walks, and his ERA rose from 0.91 to 1.19. 52 K’s in all. In those five starts Sale has won just one game. His record stands at 1 – 2. Awful. Someone with those numbers should have a record at the best of 4 – 0 or 5 – 0. Worst case, I’d say maybe 3 – 1 or 4 – 1. But a 1 – 2 record? Absolutely not. Oh ya, Sale has pitched with the lead in just 6 innings of his 37 2/3rds innings. That’s disappointing.

Porcello and Sale have been holding down the fort for the Sox and the bullpen as well has been doing very well. Tonight Hanley Ramirez had two hits going 2/3 and Xander Bogaerts got the only other hit going 1/3. No extra base hits. So the other seven batters combined to go 0/23. It’s apparent now more than ever that the Red Sox are desperate for someone to take over David Ortiz‘s spot as the clear cut #1 man in Boston. Mookie Betts and HanRam haven’t been able to fill Big Papi’s shoes as expected.

No one expected these guys to replicate last seasons numbers but we all didn’t expect the Sox to be the worst offensive team in baseball as far as extra base hits go. Mitch Moreland was the doubles man but hasn’t hit one in four games. Only two doubles in his last nine games. Mitchy two-bags will find his stride again soon as will the rest of the Red Sox. Slumps come and go, this one is really ugly.

The Red Sox have now dropped their last two games to the Yankees and fallen to 11 – 10 on the season standing 3.5 games back of the first place Orioles and 2.5 games back between the Yankees. The Sox will next host the Cubs where Jake Arrieta will face off against Drew Pomeranz. Pom is seeking to become the first Sox starter with two wins on the season.


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One thought on “Red Sox: Another Chris Sale performance spoiled – offense no where to be found

  1. Team batting slumps happen. The Red Sox have been lucky in recent years to only have partial
    ones or a team one that lasted, say a series. All Farrell can do is perhaps change the line
    up a bit (leaving Pedroia leading off) and platoon players.

    The batting coach can only run the basics except to wait for your pitch and not hit the first
    strike resulting in ground balls to second (DP) or useless fly balls with no chance for baserunner


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