Red Sox: Kendrick blows first shot of 2017

The Boston Red Sox needed to fill void left by Steven Wright who was placed on the disabled list. Kyle Kendrick got first crack

With Steven Wright being placed on the disabled list, the Sox needed to find someone to take his spot in the rotation. It was later revealed that Wright needed to have surgery on his knee ending his 2017 nightmare campaign. Wright finishes his season with a 1 – 3 record adding an 8.25 ERA and 24 runs, 22 earned in 24 innings of work. In comparison to last season when he surrendered 12 home runs over 156 2/3rd innings, Wright gave up 9 in 2017 in just 24 innings. Clearly something wasn’t right. Yes, punny right?

First man getting the shot is none other than Spring Training stud, Kyle Kendrick. First question I asked myself was, are we going to see Spring Training Kendrick or are we going to see 2017 Pawtucket Red Sox Kendrick. Naturally we’d hope to see the Spring Training amped up version where he flat out dominated. But above anything else, why wasn’t Brian Johnson getting another crack at it. Hasn’t John Farrell ever heard the phrase, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?” I’m guess not, because he decided to changed it up.

Johnson picked up his first MLB win in Toronto this season when the Sox won 8 – 7 against their divisional opponent. So, again we ask, why didn’t Johnson get the nod? Johnson did his job the first time around and performed better than Kendrick did in Pawtucket. Kendrick has a 6.00 ERA at AAA and Johnson has a 2.28 ERA. Johnson has also allowed 1/3 the amount of runs, so we’re left scratching our heads on why they went the Kendrick route.

Kendrick lasted only 4 innings against the Orioles surrendering 6 runs on 8 hits while also walking two batters and striking out just one. That’s not killing it in the bigs. In that game, Kendrick opted to pitch to Manny Machado after striking out Adam Jones with 1st base open and Chris Davis on deck. Machado proceeded to unload one over the Monster in deep left center getting the Orioles out in front 6 – 3. The O’s never looked back as they eventually won 8 – 3. Davis grounded out to Kendrick ending the inning but it’s obvious that some of the damage could have easily been avoided.

We’re all scratching our head on it but it wasn’t our call. Kendrick might get another crack to start as the season is still young but, we’d all like to see Johnson get one more shot too. Henry Owens might also be in the mix as he has dominated in AAA but I think we should be cautious with the youngster as he hasn’t done well in Boston. He’ll get his time perhaps later on in the season and more than likely in 2018. Let’s also not forget that David Price is almost back to full strength which is excellent news for Sox fans.

For now, we’ll stay positive hoping the Sox can string together a couple of wins to slowly chip away at the division leading Yankees who lead the division with an 18 – 9 record. The Sox, are 15 – 14 before today’s action, four games behind their arch rivals.


Photo Credit – Matt Stone


One thought on “Red Sox: Kendrick blows first shot of 2017

  1. Kyle Kendrick would be a better long reliever than a starter. He pitched OK for 3 innings but needed a lot of pitches and was gone in the 4th. Brandon Workman on May 4th worked 3 scoreless innings and I believe
    he should get a chance in Steve Wright’s opening


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