Red Sox: David Price making strides

Boston Red Sox pitcher David Price making progress with another simulated game. Returning soon? We hope so.

When news first surfaced that David Price needed to see specialist Dr. James Andrews about his ailing elbow, Sox fans couldn’t help but hang their heads. What else could we do? The Sox invested $217 million over seven seasons and with six years and $187 million still due, it’d be a shame to have blown $30 million this season to an injury. Dr. Andrews is no newbie to shoulder injuries however and said that Price would not require surgery. Thank goodness.

Fast forward to early May. Price has taken part in multiple pitching sessions and has slowly begun ramping up activity. There is absolutely no point in rushing the elbow if it’s not ready and there are some still hoping that Price can begin his season before June. Price pitched four innings in a simulated game today and all appeared well. He’s been able to increase his pitch count and was seen hitting 95 mph on the gun. All good signs. The next step for him would be to begin a rehab assignment.

That would line him up to theoretically pitch around May 14th. Sox manager John Farrell has already said that assuming all goes well, Price would then pitch another couple games in the minors before joining the team hopefully in June. Could it be that soon? Sox fans have got to be excited with the idea that one of their best players is coming back soon, especially with the news that Steven Wright is done of the year. Wright was a mess from the beginning of ’17. He’ll need to find himself before the beginning of next year.

It’ll be great to get the Sox’s big ticket item in 2016 in the mix again. Price is already a guy that can go 200+ innings a year. With almost two months of the season by the time he returns to the club, it’s a number he won’t reach this season. It’s almost expected that he will be on an inning count for this year. It’s not worth losing Price for the rest of 2017 and all 2018 if a major injury does arise. Per his contract, he has an opt out after 2018 which would almost be guaranteed if he’s to miss any serious period of time.

Price is already making $30 million this year and will make $30 million in 2018. He’ll then get a raise to $31 million in 2019, and another one to $32 million from 2020 – 2022. Since becoming a starter, he’s pitched 200+ innings in six of seven seasons and struck out 200+ batters in five of seven seasons. Believe me, the Red Sox will be beyond excited to get their man back.


Photo Credit – David Dermer – AP Photo


One thought on “Red Sox: David Price making strides

  1. When Price returns it will make the starting rotation more consistent. Porcello and Pomerantz have
    been good but occasionally like last night have an oops. Only Chris Sale has been there since the
    start or the Sox would be nearer Toronto in the standings.


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