Red Sox: Kyle Kendrick’s 2nd start a bust – Gives up 6 runs to Brewers lose 7 – 4 – sent down to AAA Pawtucket

Boston Red Sox starting pitcher Kyle Kendrick on the hook for losing second straight start. Gives up 6 runs in back to back starts

Whatever happened to the Kyle Kendrick from Spring Training? That guy hasn’t shown up really even to Pawtucket. In Boston, he’s gotten slammed twice as bad. In his most recent start against the Brewers, Kendrick gave up 6 runs on 10 hits with a walk and struck out two in 4 1/3 innings. That marks his second loss in 2017 filling in for Steven Wright. At this point, I don’t think he’ll get another chance this season. At least after showing us what he can’t do in his small sample size. The Kendrick project didn’t work.

Kendrick has given up 12 earned runs, 6 runs in each game, in 8 1/3 innings pitched. He’s added three walks and strikeouts each and has a whopping 12.96 ERA. Goodness that’s bad. The second worst ERA for a Boston pitcher this season is 8.25 by none other than Wright. It hasn’t been easy for 4th man in the rotation this season. Only question now is who get’s the chance for the next time out?

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Farrell brings up Brian Johnson again. Some think that Hector Velazquez might get a shot as well. Kendrick is still on the 40-man roster which means that he could still get a chance later on down the season. Johnson did okay in his first start against the Blue Jays and should have gotten first cracks over Kendrick but it didn’t happen that way. Farrell apparently wanted to give Kendrick a look even with his 6.00 ERA in Pawtucket.

By right, he should have brought Johnson back for a second chance after getting the win his first time around. Although his start wasn’t fantastic, it still got the job done and it was better than both of Kendrick’s starts. With Kendrick now gone, Robbie Ross Jr. is back with the club. The bonus about this situation is that there is a break in the schedule for the Red Sox, giving them a couple extra days to find their replacement.

Kendrick needs to make major adjustments. It doesn’t look good if you’re getting hammered in Boston. It looks even worse if you’re still not getting the job done at AAA. I’m not going to hold my breath, nor am I going to hope to see him pitching in any game of importance going forward.


Photo Credit – CSN


One thought on “Red Sox: Kyle Kendrick’s 2nd start a bust – Gives up 6 runs to Brewers lose 7 – 4 – sent down to AAA Pawtucket

  1. Kendrick needs to make adjustments and how.! Workman who lost the Pawsox game in the 9th or Brian
    Johnson are likely replacements,

    How about Mookie Betts? What a pleasure to have on a team and to me he is the leader of the B’s.


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