Red Sox: Relievers fall apart – lose 11 – 2 to Rays

Boston Red Sox relievers in need of major assistance – the need for Tyler Thornburg, Carson Smith, and Roenis Elias is now

When the Red Sox traded for Carson Smith and Roenis Elias before the 2016 season, they were expecting to get a solid reliever and a hybrid starter/reliever. What they’ve received so far is nothing short of a disappointment. Since 2016, Smith has pitched in three games striking out two batters in 2 2/3rd innings. Elias started one of three games and allowed 11 runs in 7 2/3rd’s innings with 5 walks and 3 K’s with a 12.91 ERA. Unacceptable doesn’t say it.

We’d like to think that 2017 would bring better luck. Well, so far not so much. Elias has experienced another set back in his recovery. Due to a rib injury, his recovery time is still uncertain. For a $582,500 salary, he hasn’t been worth one penny. It remains unclear if he’ll make it up to Boston at any point this season. With Smith, at least there was a little bit of good news. After hitting a little snag, it looks like he could be in Boston in June.

Before the 2017 season, the Sox furthered their bullpen blunders by trading for Tyler Thornburg. What was the price? Oh not a big deal, just Travis Shaw, Mauricio Dubon, and Josh Pennington. Maybe Dave Dombrowski has lost a step. Has he gotten too comfortable in Boston? Either way, both he and manager John Farrell need to do some major re-evaluating. Pablo Sandoval was a mistake, at this point I’m starting to run of room for defending him. The Panda Project has failed.

Thornburg has experienced yet more discomfort. Now management is left wondering if he was damaged from the beginning. Even in Spring Training, he wasn’t getting the job done. He was getting absolutely rocked out there. On Saturday, he complained about more issues which raised yet more flags. Safe to start wondering if Dombrowski got a little trade happy. It’s just not looking pretty.

The only good news that the Red Sox have received as far as pitchers go is that David Price did great with his 75 pitch five inning simulated game. No, it’s not news on the relievers but at this point, any news that doesn’t involve the word impingement or discomfort is great news.

The Sox get Monday off and begin a six game set away from home starting off with the Cardinals for a couple of games and finishes up with a four game set against the A’s.


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One thought on “Red Sox: Relievers fall apart – lose 11 – 2 to Rays

  1. Price may be the key to the Red Sox Fortunes.
    When the starters go 7 innings, it means the set up guy and Kimbrel are the only’
    guys need. Thus the bullpen shopuld be rested when other then Sale, Price and Porcello
    pitch, maybe only 5-6 innings.


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