Red Sox: 3rd base – The position to avoid in Boston

Boston Red Sox third baseman haven’t been able to figure out the position in a nightmarish season so far in 2017

The hot corner has been a disaster. A combined 13 errors by Pablo SandovalMarco HernandezJosh Rutledge, and Brock Holt have made 3rd base the position to avoid.

Panda committed 15 errors in 2015 spanning 123 games. Before his injury, he had committed 4 through 16 games, well on pace to surpass his 2015 numbers. Hernandez had committed just one error in 10 games in ’16. In what may end up being season ending surgery, he committed 5 errors in 9 games. Rutledge committed 2 errors in 17 games in 2016. In 2017, he’s committed 3 in 9 games. Holt had 2 errors in 17 games last season and this has has committed one in one game. Like I said, 3rd base has been the position to avoid.

In comparison to 2016 as a whole when the Sox committed 26 errors at 3rd base, they’re already halfway there this season with 13 through 37 games. 3rd base isn’t the only position with issues either. Last season the Red Sox committed just 4 errors all season, Mitch Moreland has committed 3 errors in 37 games thus far. The pressure on Mitchy-Two-Bags hasn’t been as profound as he’s leading the league in doubles with 15, just six shy of his 2016 total.

Numbers can be fun, and sometimes they can be downright nasty. How bad is the error game hurting the Red Sox? The Sox have committed 32 errors this season. That’s the 2nd worst in the majors in 2017. The only team that’s worse? The Athletics who are 16 – 21 and in 5th place in the West. Last season, the Sox ranked 4th in defense. Quite the far cry from the current 29th place standing.

Had it not been for Chris Sale’s elite pitching, there’s a good chance the Sox would be well south of 3rd place in the current AL East standings. The Sox need to work on their fielding and hitting home runs more than anything. The warning signs are there and John Farrell has got to figure out what to do going forward. He needs to light a fire under his guys. Management isn’t going to wait forever for results.

The guys manning the hot corner are not expected to hit home runs at this point just make sure silly throws don’t cost any more games. Rick Porcello has been a major victim to major errors killing his games. He’s just 1 – 3 when a 3rd baseman has committed an error in a game he’s pitched. Let’s not forget, he finished 22 – 4 last season.

Before the Sox started the season, there were rumors of them going out and trying to get a 3rd baseman. It would have looked especially foolish after sending Travis Shaw packing for a reliever that has yet to throw a pitch for the Sox this season. With everything that’s happened so far, we know two things. One, the Sox need to change the way they man the hot corner and two, it’s gonna be a lot more fun with David Price back in Beantown.


Photo Credit – Michael Dwyer – AP Photo


One thought on “Red Sox: 3rd base – The position to avoid in Boston

  1. Darren Marrero is fighting for the 3rd base job. If he starts to excel, look for a possible trade for
    Pablo Sandoval. Brock Holt is not the answer and was taken out of today’s PaxSox game with more Vertigo issues 😦


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