Red Sox: Great news for starting pitchers David Price and Drew Pomeranz

Boston Red Sox starting pitchers not named Chris Sale have been anything but automatic – with the need for a much anticipated lift, David Price is almost back

Hearing the name David Price last season had it’s highs and lows. To begin this season it was almost a nightmare. Suddenly, Sox fans have to be excited in hearing Price is just “weeks” away from returning to the rotation. Drew Pomeranz also received good news. After exiting his last start after three innings with left triceps tightness, Pom got word that he wouldn’t miss time. Things in Boston haven’t been pleasant to say the least but having Price back will certainly make at least one person happy.

That winner is John Farrell. At multiple times this season, Farrell’s been in the hot seat. Whether it be leaving starters in too long, not bringing in Craig Kimbrel for an extra out or two, among other things. He just hasn’t had a stronghold on the job this year. It shouldn’t fall completely on him however. After all, he’s not the one fielding balls at third base or trying to hit home runs.

Price is expected to immediately assume the 5th spot in the rotation after one more rehab start. There was never really any question with Chris Sale and Rick Porello. Eduardo Rodriguez has been a pleasant surprise. Pomeranz has slipped back into mediocrity, borderline awful with his 5.29 ERA. Let’s not even bother with Steven Wright who is now done in 2017 and Kyle Kendrick who made it look like getting an out was an adventure. Price is just what the starting rotation needed.

Price is next expected to do a 90 pitch outing and after appearance should find his way quickly back in Boston in the rotation. Either way, everyone needs to be excited about getting him back. Fans have got to be hoping for some luck. Simulated games don’t automatically translate to effectiveness but given his track record, it shouldn’t take too many starts before he’s right back to where he used to be. The Sox have paid dearly this season, at this point the Price has got to be right.


Photo Credit – Cliff McBride – Getty Images


One thought on “Red Sox: Great news for starting pitchers David Price and Drew Pomeranz

  1. Pomerantz appears to have delivery issues. He needs to review film and work with the pitching coach ASAP..
    The Redsox are a .500 club and this is one of the reasons why


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