Red Sox: Hector Velazquez to make MLB debut tomorrow night vs Athletics

Boston Red Sox off-season acquisition Hector Velazquez will make major league debut tomorrow night against the Oakland Athletics

When the Red Sox acquired Hector Velazquez from the Mexican Baseball League during the off season, no one knew what or who they were getting. The one other team that was interested in his services? The New York Yankees. So naturally, that would peak some interest considering your rival wants him too. What was the cost? $30,000. The Sox paid just 30K for his rights, of course it’ll certainly go up with a stint in the show.

This does give us a much needed sense of hope after Kyle Kendrick blew up in our face in the wake of Steven Wright’s season ending injury. It felt like every 5th start for the Sox was a bust. Why does Velazquez offer hope? Well, Wright bombed obviously, Kendrick couldn’t get it done in Pawtucket, let alone his nightmarish performances in Boston. The Mexican star pitcher however is dominating his first season at AAA.

Velazquez in five games has a 1.55 ERA with 20 K’s in 29 innings. He’s allowed just five earned runs and just home run. While he’s not gonna get the nickname HV for high velocity, I’m hoping he gets something fun. They need to shake things up. He’s not gonna be the guy blowing fast balls by anyone, he’s gonna be the guy who uses his pitches effectively to get outs. Finally the 5th slot in the rotation won’t be difficult to watch.

Velazquez will face off against Sonny Gray who hasn’t been the same since 2015. It’d be nice to see a solid performance for someone having to step into Wright and Kendrick’s shoes. Sox fans can rest assured that this guy won’t be like the last two. The Sox will kick it off tomorrow night at 10:05 PM Eastern.

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