Red Sox: Rick Porcello hopeful to bounce back after rough 2017 start

Boston Red Sox starter Rick Porcello finally showing signs of life after early season slump – lack of offensive support hasn’t helped

While top starter Rick Porcello hasn’t done as great in his last two starts, he did have a span of four straight games were he didn’t allow more than two earned runs in any game. He allowed one and none in two of those starts. Porcello was one of the top pitchers last season in getting run support. 2017 has been anything but the same as he’s gotten little to none in almost every start this season. He’s 1 – 4 in his last six games.

What’s Porcello doing wrong? His May numbers are still better than Aprils where he’s seen his ERA drop by over a full run yet, he’s got just about the same record. After a 1 – 3 record in April, he’s posted a 1 – 2 record in May. The biggest issue for RP is that he’s still giving too many hits in games. In his last two starts he’s allowed nine hits in each of them. He’s also allowed a home run in each start so far in May. While three of those home runs were solo shots, those extra runs earned could have helped Porcello out.

If you were to compare his 2016 and 2017 numbers, they are almost identical. So is it all on Porcello? Simple answer is nope. When you only allow 2 – 3 runs, your offense has a responsibility to get you at least 4 runs of offense. Can’t win without getting runs. Porcello’s 2 – 5 record is not a reflection of his performances alone. It takes more than one guy to win a ball game.

Porcello’s ERA over the last six starts has been 2.89 which has helped out his overall ERA in 2017 which stands at 4.23. It’s still too early to tell whether that rough start in 2017 was just a couple of unlucky starts or if there’s more to come from. His one win per month average will also need to change if he’s hoping to crack the 10+ number in wins for the season.

Getting more run support will certainly help his case for a comeback. Porcello next faces Andrew Cashner and the Rangers back in Boston. It should be a great pitchers duel as Cashner hasn’t allowed more than two earned runs since his opening day start. RP will look to give the Sox their second straight win.


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