Red Sox: Chris Sale’s streak over after 8 straight games – gets to face White Sox next. Emotional? Doubtful.

Boston Red Sox star pitcher Chris Sale struck out 10 or more batters in eight straight games. Up next, he will get to face his former White Sox team in his next appearance in Chicago on Tuesday night

When you get a starting pitcher like Chris Sale who can strike out 10+ guys in a game you’re good. If you can do it twice in a row, you’re beginning to get on people’s radar. Between three and five games and now everyone has your attention. When you hit eight straight outings with 10+ K’s you’re in a special class of elite pitchers consisting of you and Pedro Martinez.

Sale has been nothing short of spectacular this season. He’s been making batters look foolish all year long. His stuff is filthy, and really only necessary for the first eight innings because the 9th inning is reserved for another special kind of filthy. Martinez was legend and Sale is pitching himself into that class of pitcher. He’s projected to surpass 300 strike outs this season. Assuming all goes well, he’ll crack the 300 mark for the first time in his career.

Only thing better than hearing that news is that the Sox have him under team control for another two seasons. Hearing that should be one of those warm fuzzy feelings you get when someone says something nice about you in the office. It’ll make Sox fans happy.

Tuesday night will mark the first time that Sale will don his new socks against his former ones. Jose Quintana will face his former teammate in that one and it’ll be back in Chicago. You can expect to hear boos but hopefully there will be some fans in Chi Town showing some class and thanking him for his years of service.

The White Sox won 63 games in 2013, 73 games in 2014, 76 games in 2015, and 78 games in 2016, without Chris Sale, the Sox would have easily finished in 5th place each of those seasons. His impact on a team will easily be felt and before this season started, there’s no way it could have happened without Dave Dombrowski making one of the gutsiest moves in recent history.

If you ask Red Sox fans about Tuesday night, they might say it’ll be a fun one and if you ask a White Sox fan about Tuesday, they might want revenge. But if you ask Chris Sale what Tuesday night means, I’m sure he’d say something along the lines of, “it’s my turn to pitch and do my job.”


Photo Credit – Charles Krupa / AP


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