Red Sox: David Price is almost here – is it too soon?

Boston Red Sox star pitcher David Price is finally expected to make his 2017 debut on Monday afternoon

After much anticipation and months of rehab, the wait is finally over. David Price is “ready” to make his season debut on Monday afternoon. After two appearances, down in AAA, management is ready to see what he can do in Boston. After two starts he’s given up nine runs, six earned on 12 hits in 5 2/3rd’s innings. He also walked two batters and struck out eight. While his velocity is still coming back, he’s still not getting the job done.

Wouldn’t it make sense to wait one more start before bringing him back into the rotation? His ERA in Pawtucket right now is 9.53. Price couldn’t get out of the 4th inning in either appearance, so why rush it? There’s still 6 years and $187 million left on his contract. Shouldn’t the Sox tread more carefully? They’re on a four game win streak.

While no is expecting him to flat out dominate in his first start back, the plus side is that the White Sox have a guy going who is winless with an 0 – 4 record and has an ERA just south of what Price had at AAA. With an 8.12 ERA, Dylan Covey isn’t scaring anyone either. Covey will be looking to not allow two home runs in a game since April. Since Opening Day, Covey has allowed less than four runs only twice.

With that being said, Price won’t have to pitch lights out but if he can get four to five innings of good pitching, I’d take that. After not getting four innings in back to back games at AAA, one can only wonder how effective he’ll be. There’s a lot of money owed there and while everyone is angry at Pablo Sandoval for his performance over the last two plus years, it’ll be even worse if David Price gets shut down long term.

At the end of the day, the Red Sox need to find out how good Price is now. We need a 5th starter and the results we’ve had in the past for this season have been awful. First losing Steven Wright to a season ending injury, then having Kyle Kendrick pitch twice where he got wrecked. It followed by trying out Hector Velazquez for a start to see what would happen. It just hasn’t been working out of the fifth slot, so why not give him a shot?

May 29th is just a few days shy of when two months of baseball are done. Literally a third of the season is over before we get to see our guy go. I think once we see Price pitch on Monday night, we’ll hopefully be able to assess what to do going forward. It’ll definitely be something to monitor going forward.

The Red Sox will play a three game series against the Mariners before hitting the road in Chicago to play the White Sox for a three game set with Price getting first cracks. With Price back, it should be a boost for morale which is definitely high after their latest four game win streak. Let’s see how long the boys from Beantown can keep it up.


Photo Credit – Christopher Evans – Boston Herald


One thought on “Red Sox: David Price is almost here – is it too soon?

  1. The game is on at 2pm. Is he or isn’t ready, we will see. Another rehab or two would be nice but
    the rotation except Chris Sale has been sputering except Brian Johnson’s gem 6-0 on Saturday May 27th.


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