Red Sox: Boston shut out by Seattle day after Brian Johnson shuts out Mariners

Boston Red Sox pitcher Rick Porcello lost his 6th game on the year – this after Brian Johnson threw a shut out for his 2nd career win yesterday

The starting pitchers from Boston haven’t all been lights out. Brian Johnson got a win in his first start in the bigs this year and personally I felt that he should have been the first guy to get the shot when Steven Wright went down. Unfortunately, John Farrell didn’t listen to me or anyone else for that matter and decided to give Kyle Kendrick a look which bombed terribly. Twice.

Getting called up for a spot start, Johnson faced the Mariners for the first time on Saturday afternoon. From the first couple pitches of the third inning it looked like he was locked in. Johnson had four strike outs through 2 1/3rd innings. After four innings of work, he had 5 K’s and had only allowed two hits. His last four innings of work he struck out three and allowed only one hit.

When Johnson was finished, he had thrown 108 pitches to get his first career complete game shut out. Not bad for just his third career big league start. The last pitcher in Red Sox history to throw a complete game shut out in their first three starts was Clay Buchholz who no hit the Baltimore Orioles 10 – 0 on September 1st 2007. It was the second straight shut out following the Red Sox 3 – 0 game the night before.

What were the odds that they’d be able to get something done for Rick Porcello? He was 3 – 5 and hadn’t been pitching really well in his last couple outings. He needed a little support and pick me up. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen in game three as the Mariners refused to go down for the third straight game beating the Sox 5 – 0. He’s now 1 – 2 in his last four starts.

What seems to be the issue for Porcello? Is it a lack of offense or something else? Porcello hasn’t always been getting the run support, that much is certain. Another thing that’s certain is that RP hasn’t been helping himself out either. Yes, he has a quality start in his last eight games but he’s also given up 11 hits in back to back games and before that surrendered 9 hits in back to back games.

Last season Porcello gave up 9 or more hits just twice all last season. Porcello has now given up 9 or more hits in four straight games. Something is off and now would be a great time for Carl Willis to figure out what needs to be retweaked. He’s getting outs so that isnt the issue. Porcello is getting nailed though and that’s not helping. Only good thing that happened today was he lowered his ERA from 4.35 to 4.21.

It stink that a six game win streak had to get ruined by a shut out and it isn’t easy knowing that RP was the guy that once again had no run support. If someone was to place a bet that Rick Porcello would be 3 – 6 through his first 11 games of the season wouldn’t we all have gone all in saying no way?

Porcello has received four of his six losses when the team has scored two runs or less. That isn’t going to get it done and it’s a far cry from the 5 – 6 runs he’s was receiving a game last season. Last year, the Sox scored three runs or less only three times. The luck just hasn’t been there. If Porcello can make some adjustments, we can expect him to be a pleasant surprise in June and beyond.


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