Red Sox: David Price less than 24 hours away from making season debut

Boston Red Sox starting pitcher David Price will finally be making his season debut on Monday against the Mariners

Finally. That’s the first word that comes to mind when thinking about David Price and pitching. It’s been two months since the beginning of the season and during Spring Training, many thought this moment wasn’t going to happen until 2018. Still, there are people that are questioning the decision to have him start after two bad games in AAA.

We need to see what he can do now. He’s getting paid $30 million this season. Seeing what Brian Johnson did definitely put a smile on my face. Makes you wonder, after he got sent down, was that the right call? Maybe Price should have gotten one more start in Pawtucket? Critics are skeptical. Why shouldn’t they be? I’m slightly concerned and excited. Price didn’t get the job done in those starts, is he just going to find himself immediately in Boston?

One thing is for sure, Price will be on a pitch count and will most definitely be on an innings count for this season. I can’t imagine him being allowed to pitch more than 150 innings this season. Honestly, I hope Price is kept to 120 – 125 innings for the year. Risking him long term is completely out of the question.

With several pitchers in the wings ready for their chance to shine along with a few more rookies, some could argue that the Price signing was a huge mistake even before the injury scare over the summer. The Sox would have had only $93.371 million on the books if that was the case before arbitration hearings. That money could have definitely been better used. Useless to talk about it now.

Price will face David Holmberg for his first start of the season. Holmberg hasn’t started a game since 2015. In 2016, he didn’t play in the majors. Currently in 2017, he’s sporting a 0.87 ERA as a reliever. This spot start is more than likely temporary. He also has allowed only one hit over the last 9 2/3rds innings with two walks and six K’s. One thing is certain, tomorrow afternoon all eyes will be fixed on one man, David Price.


Photo Credit – Mary Schwalm – AP Photo


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