Red Sox: Price debuts with 5 inning performance – Sox fall 5 – 4 to White Sox

Boston Red Sox finally had their big ticket pitcher David Price on the mound and survived past the 4th inning for the first time in 2017

A huge sigh of relief came over me today as David Price is finally back. Finally number 24 is back on the mound. If he had done poorly, there would certainly be fans complaining about why Brian Johnson didn’t get stay in Boston for at least one more start. Johnson threw a 5 hit complete game shut out in his 3rd career big league game.

Thank goodness that wasn’t the case as David Price had a good first game back. Had it not been for the three run homer he gave up his line would have looked quite respectable all things considered. This was the guy who we all thought was going to be MIA for 2017 with a shoulder injury.

Today’s performance featured mid 90’s heat among his other pitches so the velocity is back up. Price gave up three runs on two hits while walking two and struck out four. Had it not been for that lone mistake he would have allowed one hit over 5 innings. If that isn’t good news, I don’t know what is. Yes Price hit two batters but a couple of control issues were bound to come up.

While I don’t think it’s time to celebrate already, I think we have got to be happy considering how gloomy the 5th spot in the rotation had performed. Before David Price, the Red Sox had a 9.35 ERA combined from the 5th starter in the rotation. There’s still $187 million left on the contract and if he can find his old form again, we can only wait to see just how good the rotation can get.


The Red Sox after winning six games in a row have lost their last two and will face the Chicago White Sox for two more games. Next up is the match up that we’ve all been waiting for after the return of Price of course. Former White Sox star Chris Sale will get to pitch against his former club for the first time since getting traded.


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