Red Sox: Trouble with Matt Barnes

Boston Red Sox starting pitcher David Price debuts in season but gets no decision because of late inning disaster

Finally, after waiting nearly two full months to see their big man pitch, David Price returned to pitch five good innings while allowing three runs on two hits with two walks and four strike outs. Price had given up one bad pitch which unfortunately cost him three runs in the end. Getting five innings was huge considering he hadn’t been able to get into the 4th inning while in Pawtucket for his two rehab starts.

After pitching five innings, it would have been amazing to see what the team could do for him in terms of support. Frankly I would have felt bad for Rick Porcello if Price got the W in first appearance but the Red Sox needed to get him that first one yesterday. Matt Barnes was unlucky in giving up two runs and the last one was a total fluke.

Barnes had to throw 27 times to get out of the inning and after everything was done he allowed two runs on three hits and struck out two. Is this all on Barnes? Let’s review. Barnes had last allowed a run on May 14th. It was the first time in three days that he had been used. While he does have an ugly ERA in the month of May standing at 4.63, I can hardly blame the number one guy the Sox counted on earlier this season.

Barnes before yesterday’s shaky performance had allowed one run on five hits with two walks and struck out 13 in 8 2/3rds innings. That’s a 1.04 ERA right there. Before last night’s game his ERA was 3.38. April’s ERA of 3.27, tells us that he’s been pretty consistent. Every pitcher has a bad game every now and again. He’ll shake this off and be ready for the next challenge that comes his way.


Photo Credit – Charles Krupa – AP Photo


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