Red Sox: Devin Marrero’s bat comes alive

Boston Red Sox: Patience a virtue as Devin Marrero has come around with stellar defense and now a great bat


The Red Sox had been searching for someone to play 3rd base after Pablo Sandoval went down, then they lost Marco Hernandez for the season, and lets not forget that Brock Holt is out indefinitely with vertigo. There’s a chance he’s done for the year too. The team was in desperate need of someone to get the job done at the hot corner. Insert Devin Marrero.

Marrero has only played 20 games at third base. His glove has gained high acclaim and now his bat is sharing in the spotlight. After his most recent performance last night against the Chicago White Sox, is it possible that the boys from Beantown have finally found their new 3rd baseman? In 20 games, Marrero has yet to commit in error. He’s in a class of his own in that sense.

With several guys going down earlier this year, 3rd base has been a nightmare for the Sox. Some were hoping that the Panda Project was going to resurrect his career in year 3, so far it’s been a bust. The team has shuffled up line ups and not had good results until now. Marrero reminds me of King Arthur’s legend where men tried to take Excalibur from the stone and failed except Arthur. Perhaps a stretch, but Marrero is that guy.

Beginning last night’s match up against the White Sox, Marrero had one home run and six runs knocked in. He smacked two long balls and had five runs batted in yesterday alone. Is it luck or it just a guy finally finding his stride? Remember Jackie Bradley Jr.’s struggles? It felt like an eternity that he just wasn’t getting it done until 2016 when he miraculously blossomed. It’s been a slow start in 2017 but it’s coming along finally.

The Red Sox have never been super patient with their young guys and a lot of that has to do with the fact that at the end of the day, this is the Boston Red Sox. There is an expectation to finish in 1st place and beat their arch rivals in New York. The Sandoval deal is looking like it will hurt the Sox for a few more years unless they’re able to find a trade partner willing to take on his contract.

Fans have got to be happy that the Panda is almost halfway done in Boston. Marrero has in some eyes earned the starting job. With Panda you don’t know when he will commit an errant throw which could cost runs or worse, the game. Marrero plays the position with grace and hasn’t caused any issues either. Now we have to hope that John Farrell sees that performance and rewards him with another couple starts.

Just to compare the two, Marrero has a .194/3/11 slash with three home runs and nine RBI’s in his last 9 games hitting .258 with perfect defense. Sandoval has a .213/3/10 slash this season with just one home run and three RBI’s in his 9 contests adding in two errors in the field. Marrero has the hotter glove and the hotter bat, it makes sense to go with what’s working right now. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

The Panda is recovering with a right knee sprain, perfect time to have him rest. Watching Marrero might also motivate him to start hitting and fielding better if he knows there’s someone knocking on the door. With a four year age difference and a lot to prove, Marrero is the man to watch going forward.


Photo Credit – Patrick Gorski – USA Today Sports


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