Red Sox: Rodriguez to DL with right knee subluxation

Boston Red Sox starter Eduardo Rodriguez is heading to DL day after giving up four home runs and slipping during warm ups yesterday

Something was definitely wrong with Eduardo Rodriguez before the Red Sox game yesterday against the Orioles. It could have just easily been viewed as a slight hick up rough performance had it not been for slipping during warm ups. Rodriguez will be headed to the disabled list with what is a right knee subluxation.

This is the not the first time that E-Rod has been sidelined with knee issues and it’s not the first time it’s been because of slipping either. It’s never good when you have a dislocation of the knee or any body part but because of this, the Red Sox will have to take it easy on their young left hander.

The Red Sox have recalled Brandon Workman back up to Boston. The move has been made effective immediately and at this point we’re hoping that a 10 day stint on the disabled list is all that’s needed for Rodriguez. This season has been great for him and a complete turn around from 2016 which was a complete disaster.

Workman has done well in his only appearance of 2017 going three innings, allowing five hits, walking one and striking out two. He still hasn’t allowed a run yet. Not bad considering, he didn’t pitch at all in 2015 and 2016. Workman recorded a 1 – 10 record in when he last pitched for the Sox in 2014.

Rodriguez’s four wins this season have already surpassed his total all of last year and he did it in half as many games. Rodriguez this season is 4 – 2 with a 3.54 ERA and has 65 strike outs through 61 innings of work. Before his last start, Rodriguez had a string of seven straight quality starts going at least six innings. He missed an 8th straight game by 1/3rd of an inning. When he comes back he’ll look to get right back on track.


Photo Credit – The Associated Press


One thought on “Red Sox: Rodriguez to DL with right knee subluxation

  1. Eduardo Rodriguez has a history of right knee problems. Was the sudden leg give out
    another chapter? Hopefully rest & rehab will do it and surgery can be avoided? Also
    he could be trade bait with Pablo Sandoval.


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