Red Sox: Farm system depleted after all in move for 2017

Boston Red Sox management went all in for 2017 sending prospects in every direction to build the best team possible. So far the results have not completely panned out

The farm system had slowly begun to disappear with the plethora of moves done by Dave Dombrowski. Trading Travis Shaw for Tyler Thornburg is now looking like a huge bust. Lest we forget the trade the Sox made with the Mariners to get Roenis Elias and Carson Smith. Both have not been worth the price.

Did the Red Sox go all in too fast? Was it worth it? Will the Red Sox regret trading for Chris Sale? Doubtful. Chris Sale is the best pitcher on the Sox staff and the American League. He’s arguably the games best pitcher right now. The price was steep but all worth it. No way to know if Michael Kopech and Yoan Moncada will turn into anything although it’s looking like Moncada isn’t far away from making it to the bigs.

Had the Red Sox waited a few years, both Kopech and Moncada would be playing in Boston jerseys. Now, the only time they’ll come to Boston is on the away side of things. If Sale didn’t pitch as well as we saw him pitch, there’s no doubt, fans would be calling for Dombrowski’s resignation. What about the other prospects?


As far as pitching goes, we had Brian Johnson who has since gone down with an injury. He was slated to take Eduardo Rodriguez’s spot in the rotation but that’s not happening anymore. We can’t trust Kyle Kendrick with the job. Everyone remembers how badly that blew up in our face. I’m still willing to consider giving Hector Velazquez another shot. He didn’t do as poorly as his stat line suggests.

Sam Travis has worked out nicely in his short stint in Boston especially against lefties. What about Blake Swihart? Rumors are that he’s close to coming back. Rusney Castillo has finally come back to earth and is now has a .266/7/19 slash line in 41 games.

Rafael Devers continues his torrid pace in Portland with a stellar .308/10/33 line. Devers in his last 5 games is 10/19 with a .526/2/6 line. Definitely no complaints there. The other big surprise in AA Portland has been Jalen Beeks who is cruising this season. Beeks is 5 – 1 with a 2.19 ERA with 58 strike outs in 49 1/3rd innings pitched.

Still the question remains, who are the Sox going to go with for the Eduardo Rodriguez spot in the rotation? Joe Kelly is also a possible candidate. If the injury does indeed only last a start or two at the most, the Sox won’t have to go digging deep for someone long term. The Sox will still have four of their five starters at almost 100%. Losing E-Rod long term would be a devastating blow long term.


Photo Credit – Meredith Perri – MASSLIVE


One thought on “Red Sox: Farm system depleted after all in move for 2017

  1. Kyle Kendrick should be traded with Sandoval
    Hector Valaquez should be give a 2nd shot
    Blake Swihart also trade bait as we are fine with Leon & Vazquez
    Rafael Devers hitting but what position and how is he as a defender?
    Jalen Beeks should be monitored for a possible AAA promotion
    Joe Kelly could be a 5 inning starter


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