Red Sox: David Price needs to pitch well

Boston Red Sox starter David Price pitched poorly in last start and the media issue has not helped – which Price will we see tomorrow night?

When David Price came back this season, there were questions because of his two minor league starts then followed that up with a decent start. His following start was his best this season and his most recent start was his worst by a long shot. Still, we ask, which Price are we going to see tomorrow night? Price has already mentioned that he doesn’t want to speak to the media on days that he doesn’t pitch. Makes sense.

If you’re going to say that you don’t want to speak to the media on the days that you don’t pitch, I have no problem with that. No one is asking Kenta Maeda or Wade Miley or Alex Cobb what they’re doing on off days. Price is in the mix for two reasons, one he pitches in Boston and two because he’s got one of the biggest contracts ever handed down to a pitcher at 7 years and $217 million.

Fans expect him to pitch like an ace and for the money he’s getting annually, who can blame them? We know that he’s dealing with an insane amount of pressure right now and coming back from a major scare pre-season has fans still uncertain of what to expect. Price gets Phillies at home which is a nice break from dealing with a team as high powered as the Yankees.

Price needs to cut down on his walk numbers and the long ball. The Phillies are actively in a slump losing their last five contests. The Phillies also have the worst record in baseball at 21 – 40 with a .344 winning percentage. This is the perfect game for Price to get back on the saddle. If he does poorly here, then there are going to be major issues. We still are missing our 5th man in the rotation in Eduardo Rodriguez.

The other issue surrounding Price is the media borderline attacking him. Yes, players need to be able available on days that they pitch, but if they’re not pitching I see no problem in them not discussing or talking to the media. Evan Drellich a former writer for the Astros before joining Comcast SportsNet New England was the writer who had that conversation with Price.

Where I feel Drellich made the error was not respecting his personal space. He already stated that he did not want to talk on days that he didn’t pitch so why would you go and talk to him? Why would you disrespect one of your guys like that? For that reason I can’t blame Price. Drellich’s smartest move would have been to say we had a quick discussion and moved on. Drellich was in the wrong here.

The fact of the matter is, if Price can pitch well in his games, the media won’t criticize him, they’ll have no reason but to respect his wishes. He’s not asking for a lot. The media wants to manipulate the feelings of fans by saying it’s us against them. If a player says leave it alone, listen to the guy.

Rick Porcello will pitch first for the Sox tonight against Jerad Eickhoff and the Phillies. Eickhoff will be seeking his first win on the season and hopes to lower his 5.15 ERA. Porcello who has already doubled up his losses from last season from four to eight looks to get his 4th win on the season and first in the month of June.


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One thought on “Red Sox: David Price needs to pitch well

  1. Price better be like he was after his two rehab games since Pawtucket. If he starts to walk
    the Philly batters or give up home runs, it may dictate the rest of the Red Sox season.

    Chris Sale can not do it alone. The rest of the rotation must do their part and the
    Red Sox bats have to come alive soon. When you have frequent games with just hitting
    ground balls or fly outs, adjustments have to be made.


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