Red Sox: Pomeranz needs to make adjustments now

Boston Red Sox starting pitcher Drew Pomeranz hasn’t been getting the job done – is he getting tired or just losing control of his pitches?

There’s no question that this season Drew Pomeranz has flashed signs of being lights out. Unfortunately, those moments have come few and far between. Pomeranz has had just four quality starts in 12 starts this season. Only once has he pitched more than six innings and that was a seven inning game. So what’s the issue?

Pomeranz the last two starts hasn’t gotten it done. Pom has an ERA almost tipping 6.00. That’s not getting it done. Even with that he’s 1 – 1 this month. Pom’s start on June 6th saw him throw 123 pitches and only go five innings. That’s almost 25 pitches an inning. Full count situations and inconsistencies have plagued him this year. Is it time to pull the plug on him?

I’ll say no for two reasons. One we’ve already got Eduardo Rodriguez down and we can’t afford to have another guy out of the rotation. Second off, there are limited options to replace him at this point. Once E-Rod comes back, I’m sure Dave Dombrowski will explore his options. I’m hoping he doesn’t go out and get another starter right now. Red Sox management made a big mistake in not going after Max Scherzer.

Instead the Sox ended up getting Pablo Sandoval who has all but completely blown up in their faces and Hanley Ramirez who had a great year in 2016 but hasn’t fully come to life in 2017. Han Ram might still be on the books for up to two seasons. The pitching woes for Boston need to get solved and fast. Since the pitching hasn’t been lights out, the offense will need to generate more runs to make up for the lack of pitching.

Overall what is our impression of Pomeranz? He’s got a 6 – 4 record and has a 4.48 ERA and has 73 K’s in 60 1/3rd innings. Perhaps, Pom can focus less on getting strike outs and focus more on getting outs, maybe then he’ll be able to go an extra inning. If DP can focus on simply getting strikes instead of getting all fancy, the results could be different.

We’ve already seen another pitcher make a major change in his pitching style. Jeff Samardzija has not walked more than one batter in a game since April 23rd. In fact before his last start, the Shark had only walked one batter in his last seven starts spanning 48 1/3rd innings. He saw his ERA drop from a 6.32 in April to 3.32 in May to 2.63 in June. Pomeranz needs to take a page out of his book to get back on track.


Photo Credit – CSN Staff


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