Red Sox: Sale K’s 10 but performance spoiled by complete lack of offense

Boston Red Sox Ace pitcher Chris Sale is handed the Loss after a masterful pitching performance evening helping with offense

There’s not much the Sox batters can say to Chris Sale after last night’s performance other than, “we’re sorry.” It was an awful showing for the Sox offense that only managed four singles all night not counting Sale’s double, the first of his career. In fact after the 5th inning, there were only two hits, a Jackie Bradley Jr. single and the Sale double.

What happened to the bats? Were they tired after two extra inning walk off victories? The performance the night before last included a pair of home runs by Mookie Betts. Was it pure exhaustion that took them out of this one? Maybe because Sale was on the mound they thought they could relax?

One thing is for sure, since Sale was able to go the whole way, it saves the bullpen from using anyone which was huge. Nick Pivetta of the Phillies had the best game of his career going against possibly the best pitcher in baseball.

The Sox came close in the second inning but were stopped after Chris Sale grounded out into the inning ending ground out. It was a great play that almost gave the Sox their first run. There is absolutely no reason why Sale should have lost that game. When you counter it, he went up against a guy who had a great night considering his last couple games. In games where Sale has allowed two runs or less, he’s 2 – 3 in seven games.

That’s unacceptable. Sale should be 12 – 2 this season at least. In games where he’s pitched and not allowed a run he’s still yet to record a decision. It says a lot about the hitters on the team. When they slump, they slump all at the same time and when they’re on fire, it’s like you can’t get any of them out.

The Sox are still two games behind the Yankees after blowing what could have been a one game difference had they not lost last night. The Yankees were down early and came back to only lose in extra innings. The Sox now play the Astros for three game stand in Houston starting off with Drew Pomeranz on the hill facing off against Michael Fiers. Pom will be in search of his 7th win where Fiers will seek out his 5th on the year.


Photo Credit – Drew Hallowell – Getty


One thought on “Red Sox: Sale K’s 10 but performance spoiled by complete lack of offense

  1. Chris Sale is wondering what happened to the 2016 Red Sox. The 2017 team appears to be a ghost
    of last year. Perhaps if last years stats were reduced by Big Papi’s contributions, the 2016 would
    resemble this years?

    It’s time for the batting coach(s) to earn their dough. The Red Sox must learn to adjust to the pitchers out there. Thanks to technology, the entire team should review the scouting reports and updates and not look so sad at bat.

    The Sox lead the majors in hitting into 83 Double Plays. Perhaps the pitch selection has gone amiss. Occasionally you will see Pedroia take the at bat to 8 or 9 pitches, why can’t the others?

    Mind you, the Sox are still in a competitive position but easily could have run away with it like Houston in the Western division if the 2016 bats returned.


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