Red Sox: Chris Sale shines again as Sox win and take 1st place in AL East

The best decision the Boston Red Sox made this off season was in trading for Chris Sale – Sox overtake Yankees for 1st place in East

What more can be said about Chris Sale? Yes, he’s a competitor, yes he’s got a disgustingly perfect slider, yes he’s got fire, and yes this is going to be the American League Cy Young winner at the end of 2017. After winning his 9th game on the season, Chris Sale improves to 9 – 3 this year with a 2.85 ERA and has struck out 146 batters.

Tied for 2nd in wins this season (9), 4th in the AL in ERA (2.85), and a not even close 1st in strike outs (146) in the league, the next guy in the American League has 122. Sale also ranks 3rd in WHIP (0.90) in the majors. Simply put, there hasn’t been a player that has been his electrifying in the rotation for the Red Sox since Pedro Martinez in the late 90’s.

Sale is on pace to get over 330 strike outs. Of course those numbers look to dip over the season. If you were to ask him what was more important, his numbers or getting his team into 1st place, he’d say the latter. This is a team first player and you could see the fire in his eyes in the 9th inning when he knew he was going to be taken out of the game and really desperately wanted to go the distance.

Sale stated at the end of last night that, “he’d never settle after missing the complete game.” He would have gotten complete games in back to back games for the first time since May of last season. Earlier this year, Sale tied the Red Sox record for most games with 10 strike outs or more doing it in eight straight games. He’s on the prowl again after getting 10 K’s in back to back games once again.

There’s something about 1’s and 0’s for Sale as he has thrown 110 pitches in four straight games in June posting a 3 – 1 record. The soon to be strike out king of 2017 has struck out nine or more batters in all but three games this season. One thing is certain, we’ll be able to count on Sale going the distance saving the pen for the duration of the season.


Photo Credit – Charlie Riedel – AP Photo


One thought on “Red Sox: Chris Sale shines again as Sox win and take 1st place in AL East

  1. Chris Sale rivals any of the greatest pitchers the Red Sox have ever had. As the pitchers did til the
    mid- 1960’s when starters went 120-150 pitches, Sale would fit in. He will get his 20 win season, lead
    the majors in strike outs and Cy Young should be a shoe in.


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