Red Sox: Boston signs Doug Fister

The Boston Red Sox pitching staff depth gets added boost with signing of Doug Fister

Earlier this year, we discussed what the Red Sox would do if they needed added depth if David Price went down and low and behold he did go down but the Red Sox resorted to trying minor league options before going outside the club. With several options exhausted due to poor effectiveness, Dave Dombrowski has signed Doug Fister. This is not the first time these two gentlemen have been on the same squad.

Fister spent two and a half years in Detroit with Dombrowski as the GM trading for him at the deadline in 2011. Prior to the 2014 season, Fister was sent to the Nationals where he went on to have his best statistical season going 16 – 6 with a 2.41 ERA. While he only posted 98 strike outs during the season, it was the only season that he’s ever finished in the top 10 for Cy Young Award voting.

Fister now joins Dombrowski for the second time after being claimed off of waivers, he’ll make his first official start of the 2017 MLB season on Sunday against the Angels. Ironically enough, he opted out of his deal that had a unique clause allowing him to opt out if he hadn’t been with the big league club by June 21st. He was released on Thursday and will play against the team that originally signed him in 2017.

Perhaps a little fire in the belly will be in order after his original team didn’t think he had it in him. 2016 brought mixed success as he finished the year 12 – 13 with a 4.64 ERA with the Astros and managed to get 115 K’s in 180 1/3rd innings pitched. While Fister has never been a huge strike out guy, he has been good at eating innings and until Eduardo Rodriguez comes back, it’ll be huge for Fister if he can do just that.

E-Rod before his injury, was consistently getting six innings of work saving the bullpen from being overly taxed. Rodriguez hit the six inning mark seven straight times, something Sox fans can only hope Fister does until our guy gets back. The Sox are hoping to win tonight as David Ortiz had his number officially retired in Boston this evening.


Photo Credit – Elaine Thompson – AP


One thought on “Red Sox: Boston signs Doug Fister

  1. As of this response Fister has had 2 good performances and is a ready & able 5th
    member of the starting rotation. Hopefully his quality pitching continues throughout the
    rest of the season as playoffs are only 90 days away!


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