Red Sox: Sox lose despite good Price performance and umps don’t help

The Boston Red Sox bullpen couldn’t save David Price’s day yesterday and after poor call, Sox are charged with balk allowing runner to score

Sox starter David Price gave up three runs only two earned on six hits in six innings of work and managed to walk just one while striking out five batters. This is, in my book at least, an above average start. The ensuing inning however had fail written all over it and it wasn’t because of the Sox pitchers. This one is solely on the umpires.

Price was working hard and put in probably his best performance since early June when he went seven innings walking one, striking out seven, and allowed just one run on three hits. Regardless of what some people may have said, this was a big step in the right direction for him. Price can build on this performance. It’s the third time in his last five starts where he’s gone at least six innings.

Never in my life have I ever seen a play so wrong that wasn’t overturned. The umpire heard a lot of it and John Farrell came out to argue his point that time had been called so whatever Fernando Abad had done at the mound should have been nullified. How in the world can you charge a balk to a pitcher when the play has been ruled dead? Here’s the play that caused such a stir. You be the judge. Was this a huge mistake or what.

Absolutely ridiculous. I feel like every year, the Sox have a play go against them that is 100% not their fault. After watching the play on replay, that umpire should be fined and perhaps given a day or two off so that he can re-learn the rules in the book. Bill Miller shouldn’t be a crew chief any more nor should he be an umpire. What this boils down to is that Miller, the crew chief last night, made a mistake. A huge one.

This is in my eyes as bad as the horrible call made by Ron Kulpa when David Ortiz was facing the Yankees. Kulpa made a series of bad calls in this game and throughout the entire game he couldn’t do his job.

While the Red Sox found some life in the bottom half of the 9th inning, it was not enough as the Sox fell 6 – 3 with Chris Young striking out to make the last out with the bases loaded. It would have been a heck of a come back and perhaps people might have forgotten about the balk had the Sox won. If the Sox had lost by a run, there would be a lot more talk about Miller gifting the Angels a run.

In any other profession, if you make a mistake, they punish you for it whether it was on purpose or accidental. Major League Baseball umpires make mistakes regularly when they work their ballgames and only once have I ever heard of one of them making a formal apology. The rules should be the same for all people on the field regardless if you wear a jersey on a team or not.

The umpire might as well have worn an Angels jersey. It wasn’t called both ways and the fans will let you know it every time when you’ve cheated the game and their team. The Sox have a rubber match tonight with Doug Fister making his 2017 debut today facing the team that just let him go just a few days prior.


Photo Credit – John Wilcox


One thought on “Red Sox: Sox lose despite good Price performance and umps don’t help

  1. With MLB looking to shorten the game, perhaps time outs unless there is an emergency should be
    eliminated. Too many times this season umpires have granted time outs and yet not everyone was on
    the same page.

    Case in point, if time out was granted and yet a balk was called and it stood despite John Farrell’s arguing otherwise.


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