Red Sox: Tzu-Wei Lin joins Sox as pinch runner in Boston last night

Boston Red Sox make a move adding Tzu-Wei Lin from AA Portland and place Josh Rutledge on the disabled list with concussion symtoms

With Josh Rutledge being placed on the disabled list, the Sox needed someone who could come in and play the infield and potentially be a running specialist. Insert Tzu-Wei Lin. The Portland Sea Dogs standout has been one of the two players that are getting a lot recognition and notice. The other, Rafael Devers of course.

Why bring up Lin now? Lin can run and field multiple positions. Lin can play 2nd base, short stop, and in the outfield at center field. He’s committed five errors between 2nd base and short stop in 37 games and none playing in center field. He’s played just seven games in the outfield.

He serves the next best option to play that utility role with Rutledge out of commission with his concussion. He can also steal bases which could come in handy. While I don’t expect him to steal a bag each game, it could prove useful during the later innings of the game as a pinch running specialist.

The Red Sox are slowly moving on the path with the idea and impression that Pablo Sandoval won’t be spending too much time in Boston much longer. I think his days are numbered in Beantown and it’s possible that he might have played his last day wearing a Red Sox uniform. The Panda Era might finally be over.


Photo Credit – John Raoux – AP Photo


One thought on “Red Sox: Tzu-Wei Lin joins Sox as pinch runner in Boston last night

  1. Tzu-Wei Lin has been a fabulous addition to the 2017 Red Sox. He was signed from Taiwan
    and joined the Portland Sea Dogs but was quite impressive there and with the injuries and
    weakness at 3rd base, it was a risk yet a no-brainer. The kid has not disappointed and may stay if the roster allows it.


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