Red Sox: Chris Sale shines again against Blue Jays – gets 11th win on the year

Boston Red Sox starter Chris Sale continues his dominance against Blue Jays by winning again improves to 2 – 0 in Toronto this season

Not to many things you can say badly about Chris Sale this season. Since joining Boston, Sale has established himself as the true number one on the staff. Sale now stands with a record of 11 – 3 through the 1st of July. He’s second in the majors in wins only behind Jason Vargas of the Kansas City Royals. Sale once again struck out more than 10 batters.

The hope for him to hit 20 wins this season is more realistic now as he’s cracked 10+ before the All Star Break. The hope of Rick Porcello to get 10 is still in the air. I think there’s a higher chance that Sale gets to 20 wins needing only nine more before Porcello gets 10 wins this season. Sale allowed only four hits and walked one batter while striking out 11 batters this afternoon against the Jays.

Sale matched Pedro Martinez yet again with another record as being the only other pitcher to have had 11 starts before the All Star Break with 10+ strike outs. Martinez did it in 1999 during his best statistical season. Pedro went 23 – 4 that year with a 2.07 ERA and had 313 strike outs. It’s obvious why the Blue Jays wouldn’t want to face Sale again as he has absolutely owned them.

Sale stands at 2 – 0 this season against the Jays. In 15 innings of work he has allowed just eight hits, walked two batters, and struck out 24 all while not allowed a run. Posting a 14.4 K/9 ratio against any team is nasty. Sale is on pace now to go 24 – 6 with over 330 strike outs. It remains to be seen if he can maintain that level of play going after the All Star Break.

Sale should by right get the nod to start the All Star Game. A case could be made for him to have won another 3 or so games and I don’t think anyone thinks that another pitcher is more deserving in the American League. The way I look at it, the Sox have the representative who should both start and close out the game especially if it gets get to less than a three run lead.

The Sox will have one more game against the Blue Jays before they face the Rangers in Texas for a three game series and a four game series against the Rays in Tampa Bay.

Photo Credit – Tom Szczerbowski – Getty Images


One thought on “Red Sox: Chris Sale shines again against Blue Jays – gets 11th win on the year

  1. Sale pitched the first two innings of the All Star game and didn’t disappoint, He’ll be ready to get his 12th win during the up coming homestand against the Yankees.


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