Red Sox: David Price great in Texas – needs to put Eckersley issue in past

Boston Red Sox starter David Price has delivered a great pitching performance in Texas – just needs to stay positive moving forward

David Price has always been a good teammate. He wants to do well and he wants his teammates to do well. He doesn’t like when people talk badly about his teammates as that was evident when Dennis Eckersley spoke about Eduardo Rodriguez’s most recent rehab start. That choice might make the team bond further alienating the media.

Price pitched six plus innings walking two batters, allowing six hits and struck out nine batters in Texas. The Sox won 11 – 4 against the Rangers and Price was spotted with an incredible nine run lead. It was going to be pretty hard to blow it. Price won his 4th game on the season improving now to 4 – 2 on the year. It was without a question, one of his better performances this season.

There has been a lot of grief surrounding Price regarding the media. Everyone needs to relax. The incident involving Dennis Eckersley wasn’t great but it came from a good place. Eck who has always been known for his commentary, can sometimes be too honest. While it came from a good place, the results were a borderline disaster.

Eckersley is a very respected pitcher both as a starter and lock down closer. He knows his stuff and to be quite honest, E-Rod did get shelled. That doesn’t mean anything as Price got wrecked in his two rehab starts before pitching a gem in his second game back from what many thought was going to be season ending surgery. Everyone needs to take a small step back about this situation.

Price is very close to Rodriguez and has taken him under his wing and wants everyone to know that if you talk poorly about him, you’re going to hear about it. When Price pitches the way he just did, there’s not much the media is going to be able to say other than, “great job.” That’s just what they’ll have to say after his latest start. As long as the Sox perform, the media shouldn’t make any comments that irk one of their big ticket lefties.

The Sox have now won six straight games going into their final game tomorrow night against the Rangers. Doug Fister will take the hill for the Sox seeking his first win on the season. The Sox will then head to Tampa for a four game series in Florida.


Photo Credit – Maddie Meyer – Getty Images


2 thoughts on “Red Sox: David Price great in Texas – needs to put Eckersley issue in past

  1. Leave Price alone. He’s doing his job and maybe he’s a bit sensitive. The Sox need a dominant starter not more drama. Eckersley as the color man has the right to describe the player’s activities for the day but just hold it down for Price.


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