Red Sox: Andrew Benintendi getting back into Rookie of the Year form

Boston Red Sox Rookie Andrew Benintendi is back on track in the hunt for the Rookie of the Year Award

After a scorching month of April where he had a line of .333/3/14, Andrew Benintendi cooled off in May going for a .204/2/13 line. June looked like he turned around including a late seven game hit streak towards the end of the month. His line looked even better going .295/5/14. Two nights ago, the Sox rookie went 5/5 with two home runs, six RBI’s, a double, two singles, and scored four runs.

He’s already matched his monthly total from May and his nine RBI’s are close to matching it as well. Benintendi needed to make adjustments and it looks like they’re finally here. He no longer looks lost at the plate. John Farrell needed to shake things up and it finally panned out. At this pace, AB is looking to finish this season with a .286/23/95 slash line.

Benintendi who already had a home run, pair of singles, and a double was looking to get the triple to finish off the cycle but his second home run bounced off the wall and went over the fence for his second dinger on the night. If anyone had a return coming out party to get his swing fixed, look no further than with the Sox left fielder.

Benintendi looked to be the front runner to get the American League Rookie of the Year Award before the season began, but Yankee Outfielder Aaron Judge has taken the league by storm tying records set forth by Joe DiMaggio. You know when you’re talking about his records, you’ve done something right. Judge last season struggled out of the gate hitting .179 with four home runs and 10 RBI’s.

That couldn’t have been more different that this season where he’s found his stride. Judge is slashing .331/29/65. Power and size matter and being 6’7” has it’s advantages. There’s a lot more stress on the joints with someone that size but for now, all you can do is watch him do his thing. This is one Yankee that doesn’t need performance enhancing substances to step his game up, the same cannot be said about some of his teammates.

In relation to Judge, Benintendi is hitting .286/12/50. If Judge cools off in the second half of the season and AB can light it up, perhaps he can win the Rookie of the Year after all. In the mean time, we’ll keep our eyes locked on both rookies going forward. Benintendi is three years younger and has plenty of time to blossom into the young star that Judge has become.

Judge has had three 3-hit games and one 4-hit game. Benintendi has had two 5-hit games and 8 3-hit games. When Benintendi is on it, he’s on it. He just needs to keep that streak going forward. Benintendi has also struck out 53 times in 290 at bats where Judge has struck out 104 times in the same number of at bats. Nearly double. Benintendi is also faster around the bases swiping nine bags as opposed to Judge’s six so far in 2017.

Both players have come a long way and the Sox as a whole, have come a long way. The Sox maintained a four game lead over the Yankees in the American League East as both teams lost their games last night.

Chris Sale and the Red Sox will face off against Jacob Faria and the Tampa Bay Rays. Sale will look to get his 12th win on the season and improve his record to 12 – 3. Sale currently leads the league with a 2.61 ERA and also looks to represent the Red Sox and American League as a starter in the All Star Game in Miami.


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One thought on “Red Sox: Andrew Benintendi getting back into Rookie of the Year form

  1. Benintendi’s offense has improved somewhat but his defense big time. I believe he has 4 assists, not bad for a rookie. He appears more comfortable with Bradley & Betts and what an awesome trio for this year and many more to come!


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