Red Sox: Doug Fister doesn’t do as well in 3rd start for Sox

Red Sox Starter Doug Fister got slammed in latest start for Sox – is this it for his time in Boston?

When Doug Fister got signed to the Red Sox, people were thinking a nice stop gap until Eduardo Rodriguez comes back and can play for the team. No one thought that he would have performed as well as he did in his first two starts. Start number three brought back a little bit of that original idea of what his numbers were going to like.

Fister got hit hard in his latest start allowing six runs, four earned on five hits in 3 2/3rds innings while also walking three batters and striking out three. He also surrendered two home runs. The Rougned Odor home run didn’t look pretty and after leaving that meat ball pitch up in the zone, I had a hunch this was not going to be a great day for Fister.

Fister’s numbers have slowly regressed in his three starts. Is this a sign that players have locked on to what he’s throwing? Personally I think he’s still earned at least one more start and then after that, with further evaluation on E-Rod, we can see what to do with Fister. Maybe he becomes traded or just released but either way he needs to pitcher better if he’s to stay in Boston.

What’s not great is that he’s averaging three walks a game but does have a strike out per inning average this season through 14 innings of work this season. He’s averaging less than five innings of work which isn’t going to cut it. His ERA has jumped an entire run from a 4.91 to 6.15. Fister will look to right the ship in his next start which if it happens, won’t happen until after the All Star Game.


Photo Credit – Matt West – Boston Herald


One thought on “Red Sox: Doug Fister doesn’t do as well in 3rd start for Sox

  1. Dombrowski took a chance but was the GM in Detroit when Fister was there and knows this guy.
    Yes, Fister had 2 great starts and the 3rd, well not so hot. I agree, Fister is due another start but when could be tricky with Eduardo Rodriguez returning.


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