Red Sox: Pomeranz finally finding his way – wins 9th game on the season

Boston Red Sox starting pitcher Drew Pomeranz has continued blazing through the season picking up his 9th win on the season

If we had to all sit here and ask who the second best starter on the Red Sox staff was at the beginning of July, the names David Price and Rick Porcello would seem like viable options. Perhaps a long shot if you wanted to drop Eduardo Rodriguez’s name in the hat right? No one saw Drew Pomeranz becoming the number two man in Boston.

Of course it hasn’t been easy for the staff with the injuries to Price and E-Rod during the course of the season, Pomeranz has finally found his stride over the last two months. Over Pom’s last 11 starts, he’s posted a 6 – 2 record with an ERA of 2.75. That’s elite considering earlier this season, Pom was flirting with a number just south of 5.30 as of May 14th. Pomeranz has been attacking hitters more efficiently and effectively.

In last night’s game he allowed two runs on six hits, allowing five walks and struck out six batters over his six innings of work against the Tampa Bay Rays. He also got eight runs of support, a spectacular performance by the offense.

He’s not relying solely on a fastball and curve ball, he’s got three pitches which are all working their magic. He’s got a curve ball, the fast ball, and now his cutter all working for him. Naturally, the more pitches you can throw effectively throw, the lower the probability that the hitter is going to guess your next pitch. It’s a lot easier when hitters are thinking 50% shot it’s a fastball, 50% chance it’s a curve ball.

Now hitters are left thinking and since his 5.29 ERA on May 14th, Pomeranz has dropped the number down to 3.60. If we look back to his numbers in San Diego before being traded to the Sox, he had an ERA of 2.47 with an 8 – 7 record in 17 games. Through 17 games this season, he’s got a stellar 9 – 4 record with 98 strike outs through 90 innings. Pom had only pitched 12 more innings and struck out 17 more batters.

Even when asking Drew Pomeranz on his opinion he had this to say according to ESPN,


“I think it’s a little better,” said Pomeranz. “Just being in this league you have to mix it up, and that’s kind of made me grow as a pitcher and get better at things that I needed to be successful here. I think I’m a better pitcher now, just the way I’m attacking guys.”


Consistency is the key for him and at age 28, it looks like he’s found his stride. With a 9.8 K/9 ratio it’s just shy of his 10.1 K/9 ratio when he was a member of the Padres as well. His most alarming number was the total number of walks where he had five. He walked only six batters over his last four starts. He’s also posted quality starts in back to back appearances and for the 4th time in his last five outings.

While I don’t think that Pomeranz earned an All Star appearance, I certainly think I can admit that I was wrong about what he was going to bring this season. If we have to evaluate what each pitcher has done I would say Pomeranz is 2nd overall on the staff behind only Chris Sale who is arguably the best pitcher in baseball this season.

Red Sox Pitching Staff Records & Stats

Chris Sale**               11 – 4      2.75 ERA     127 2/3rd’s innings                178 strike outs
Drew Pomeranz         9 – 4     3.60 ERA        90              innings                   98 strike outs
Eduardo Rodriguez   4 – 2       3.54 ERA       61             innings                    65 strike outs
David Price                 4 – 2      4.02 ERA        47             innings                    45 strike outs
Rick Porcello              4 – 10      5.01 ERA     111 1/3rd innings                   102 strike outs

** – denotes All Star

Photo Credit – Associated Press


One thought on “Red Sox: Pomeranz finally finding his way – wins 9th game on the season

  1. I agree Pomeranz right now appears to be our no. 2 guy. Finally we are seeing the real Drew Pomeranz and it’s exciting.


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