Red Sox: Boston falls and Porcello loses his league leading 11th game on the year

Boston Red Sox starter Rick Porcello pitched well against the Rays but complete lack of offense gives him his 11th loss on the season

At no point this season did I expect to see Rick Porcello get 10 losses on the season. After his most recent performance, he now stands at a 4 – 11 record days before the All Star Game takes place in Miami. His 11 losses lead the majors. What’s changed? Porcello pitched his first complete game of the season allowing one earned run on six hits over eight innings with zero walks and seven strike outs. Not getting the win certainly hurts.

It was a true pitchers duel. It could have gone either way. Stellar defense certainly helped and it paid off huge dividents for the Rays. I don’t know how many people can say they know exactly how it feels it go from best to worst in less than a two year span. It’s his 16th straight quality start and it’s his first appearance allowing less than three runs since May 28th.

His ERA has been ugly all season long but has slowly started moving down slightly from 5.01 to 4.75. His lowest since June 12th. Porcello’s zero walks also were a first since May 23rd. The month of June was a complete disaster.

After going 1 – 4 in June with a 6.63 ERA, he’s been much better so far in two starts posting a 0 – 1 record with a 2.51 ERA. Even though he’s shaved off four runs to his ERA he’s still fallen victim to no run support. When Porcello has pitched this season, he’s gotten zero runs of support four times, and stands 0 – 3 against the Rays in 2017. Last season, Porcello was perfect against their divisional rivals going 5 – 0 in six games.

The Rays have crushed him getting 12 earned runs including five home runs in just 18 1/3rd innings of work. His record isn’t any better against the rest of the majors. I think it’s safe to say that Porcello is experiencing a major down year. So far this season, Porcello has also found the most luck pitching during the day and after his last appearance, it further proved the point. It also hasn’t mattered if the current Cy Young Award Winner pitches at home or away, he’s still getting slammed.

At Porcello’s current pace, 10 wins seems like a distant possibility where sadly 20 losses looks quite in range. There’s been pressure pitching in Boston but Porcello rose to the occasion last season. He’s got to work on being better and pitching better, if he doesn’t, teams are going to have field days on him. Bringing his ERA down by working on his home runs allowed and walks allowed would be a great start.

The Red Sox will face off against the Rays for a final showdown where fans at the Trop will get to see their former Ace David Price battle it out against Chris Archer. Archer has never enjoyed pitching against the Red Sox posting a 2 – 11 career record with 5.14 ERA in 17 starts.

The boys from Beantown look to even up the series at two games a piece before the All Star Game and look to build upon this game going into the second half of the season.


Photo Credit – Mike Carlson – AP Photo


One thought on “Red Sox: Boston falls and Porcello loses his league leading 11th game on the year

  1. Rick Porcello lost to Tampa Bay after pitching the game of his career. He went 8 innings and allowed only 1 run unfortunately the Sox scored zero runs and lost the game.

    The Sox went 1-3 with the Rays but come home 3 1/2 games ahead of the Yanks and yes, Tampa Bay too.


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