Red Sox: Adding 3rd baseman could cost team Rafael Devers and ruin great team chemistry

The Boston Red Sox have been rumored to be looking for a 3rd baseman and asking price could be AA prospect Rafael Devers

Do the Red Sox need to go out and get a 3rd baseman? The answer to that question is absolutely, unequivocally, no. Dave Dombrowski needs to really think about pulling the trigger on this move and I mean really think about it. We’ve already seen how one trade clearly blew up in our face. Losing Travis Shaw in a trade for Tyler Thornburg still hurts. Any trade involving Rafael Devers must be considered out of the question.

Is it as bad a trade when the Sox gift wrapped Jeff Bagwell for Larry Andersen? It’s still way to early too tell. Although judging by the season that Shaw has had this year, it could end up being that way. It’s not the first time that a General Manager has taken advantage of the Red Sox. Still, we ask, is it remotely smart to consider adding a player to the already fully functioning Red Sox? Tzu-Wei Lin and Deven Marrero have done the job.

They’ve certainly won the job over another player who shouldn’t be named for fear of the headache creeping back especially since there’s still $38 million due over 2018 and 2019. I admit, at first I too thought it could have worked but I was wrong again for believing in Pablo Sandoval. The Panda is done. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Dombrowski needs to give the young guys a chance. Before the final game against the Rays, Lin was drawing a walk a game and even counting the last game, he’s still averaging one walk per game. That speaks volumes about a rookie who’s patient at the plate. The Panda drew eight walks over his 108 plate appearances and Lin already has seven walks through 43 plate appearances. He’s also not recorded a single error.

Making a move at this point would show only one thing, desperation to come in first. Reality check, we’re already there. While the last series wasn’t the prettiest, the team still managed to win eight of nine before losing four of their last five. It’s not a bad stretch and to close out the first half of the season with a 3 1/2 game lead over the Yankees, can we really complain?

The Red Sox are getting Eduardo Rodriguez back soon and after his most recent minor league rehab start, it looks very promising that his return could be sooner rather than later. E-Rod allowed one run on six hits in 6 1/3rd innings while also striking out seven batters. Rodriguez threw 94 pitches in all, 60 of which went for strikes. That’s better than David Price did during his AAA stint so that’s a reassuring feeling.

The only other rotational issue is Rick Porcello who needs to make some adjustments before the second half of the season begins. If all that happens, the rotation will be sound.

The Red Sox can’t afford to trade away any more depth and any more prospects. The Sox gave up what is clearly now way too much to get a broken down Thornburg. What it boils down to is that the Red Sox do not need to get a 3rd baseman right now. They have everything they need right now. The last thing they need to do is waste more money on another player who is aging and quite possibly not going to deliver.

Dave Dombrowski and the Red Sox front office need to take a step back and enjoy the process. They need to allow these young men to find themselves and continue with their current identity. It’s gotten them this far. This team has the potential to get it done and if they have a little faith, could be the group that gets them into the post season.


Photo Credit – Charles Krupa – AP Photo


2 thoughts on “Red Sox: Adding 3rd baseman could cost team Rafael Devers and ruin great team chemistry

  1. Lin or Devers will be the future 3rd baseman (Both currently in Pawtucket). For now Brock Holt and
    Marrero will cover it.


    1. The fear of Frazier is gone as he is now a Yankee and hurt. With Brock Holt and Deven Marrero handling 3rd there is no need to go outside the organization. Devers, however is making noise in Pawtucket and is kind of knocking on the door.


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