Red Sox: Boston might add Pat Neshek or Mike Minor for bullpen depth before trade deadline

The Boston Red Sox bullpen hasn’t looked the best as of late – trading for another arm could be a legitimate move by Dombrowski

The bull pen lacked consistency and Matt Barnes likes to pretend that he’s Craig Kimbrel when he’s at Fenway Park but not so much away from home, he is a totally different player outside of Boston. Barnes is rocking a 0.95 ERA allowing two earned runs with 27 strike outs spanning 19 innings of work. Outside of Boston, he has a 5.91 ERA with 14 earned runs, 14 walks, and 22 strike outs in 21 1/3rd innings. That’s just not good.

Robby Scott seemed to figure it out through June 19th when he had a 1.19 ERA. Since then he’s allowed an earned run in five of his last seven appearances. His ERA has also blown up to 4.09 since then. He’s allowed seven earned runs on seven hits over his last 4 2/3rd’s innings, bad enough for a 13.50 ERA. Let’s not even go there.

Fernando Abad has had the opposite luck of Barnes pitching his best away from Fenway and awful at home. His seven earned runs in 12 2/3rd’s innings pitched has killed his numbers with a 4.97 ERA at home. He’s allowed two earned runs in 15 innings while also keeping hitters to a .218 average. Perhaps the Sox should rely on Abad on away games and Barnes for the home ones?

The Robbie Ross Jr. blew up this season after giving up multiple runs in three of his eight appearances. His velocity dipped from a 94.2 MPH to 91.8 MPH. While the difference seems slight it’s given hitters just that little bit extra time to adjust and get that hit against him. If he can rebound and find those extra ticks, he could return to Boston.

One thing is for sure so far, the Sox already have the best closer in baseball. They need to make sure that they can get those innings in between from starter to Kimbrel locked down so as to keep the game close. Rumors have swirled that the Red Sox are looking at both Mike Minor and Pat Neshek.

Minor currently with the Royals has returned as a threat after surgery derailed him longer than expected. While he’s no longer a starter, he could prove worthy especially for the Red Sox down the stretch. Minor currently holds a 1.87 ERA with 46 strike outs in 43 1/3rd innings pitched and has only allowed nine earned runs. What else is great about Minor? He’s surrendered just one long ball this entire season.

Neshek is the other name floating around the rumor mill in Beantown. Neshek is flirting with a 1.27 ERA and has 36 K’s through 35 1/3rd innings pitched. He’s also allowed only five earned runs, five walks, and has given up just two home runs. Neshek was also elected to this years All Star Game. It wouldn’t be surprising if the Sox ended up going for him in a week or two.

The price difference isn’t that much. Minor is making $4 million this season with Neshek making just a little more at $6.25 million this year. There’s a 2018 mutual team option for Minor at $10 million or a $1.25 million buy out option. Neshek would be a free agent and at the age of 37 next season might reasonably take a pay cut to stay with a contender. Minor will only be 30 next season but the injury bug has already hit him hard.

Either way, the Sox have a couple of options. They could opt to not pick either one up and see what happens with Carson Smith. Smith is scheduled to come back for 2017 debut after season ending surgery last season. It’s been a long time coming, that much is certain. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for the final call as the Trade Deadline is only weeks away. Will the Sox make a move?


Photo Credit – Mike Zarrilli – Getty Images


One thought on “Red Sox: Boston might add Pat Neshek or Mike Minor for bullpen depth before trade deadline

  1. Time to put up or shut up with Carson Smith. Use the existing bullpen as is and bring up from the
    minors relievers as needed. As of this response (July 18th) the Sox are going with a 6 man starting rotation. As the schedule dictates the starting rotation will be reduced to 5 and the out man maybe in the bullpen.


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