Red Sox: Pablo Sandoval Designated for Assignment by team – Panda Project over

The Boston Red Sox have finally ended one of the worst tenures by an off season acquisition in recent years

There was never a question of if Pablo Sandoval couldn’t hack it anymore, it was clearly when. Before receiving his mega contract with the Red Sox, the Panda received a huge 5 year $95 million dollar deal. The Red Sox have essentially paid him for one season of work counting injuries. He never fully materialized into what they had hoped to get.

With the trade with the Milwaukee Brewers sending Travis Shaw along with three other prospects for Tyler Thornburg, Red Sox management were 100% committed standing behind Sandoval hoping that 2017 was going to be a different year. There were hopes that after pictures surfaced of him coming back healthy, this could have been a good season for him to rejuvenate his career.

If he did well enough, he certainly would have gotten traded on pennies to the dollar. With Sandoval being designated for assignment now, the Sox will essentially have to eat up the rest of his $49 million dollar contract unless a team comes knocking asking for a bench player. He’ll continue getting paid until 2019.

The Panda played in a grand total of 161 games hitting .237 with 14 homers and 59 RBI’s and went 0/1 in stolen base tries, no shocker there. His numbers had started to deteriorate after 2012, yet the Red Sox still wanted to take a chance on him after his heroics in the World Series for the Giants. He made his money and wanted to just coast, that much was obvious. Shame it had to happen at such a great cost, literally.

This day has been waiting for a long time and now finally Sox fans can finally rejoice as the Panda Era has finally come to an end. No more lolly-gagging, no more errant throws to first base, no more swinging wildly and striking out, no more liking instagram pictures during games, no more drama. Finally there is a Boston where there is no more Panda.


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One thought on “Red Sox: Pablo Sandoval Designated for Assignment by team – Panda Project over

  1. Pablo Sandoval’s time with the Red Sox much like Carl Crawford’s. In both cases multi year contacts
    with high expectations and little to know results. Hopefully Dombrowski will be more careful in
    multi year signings and don’t base signings on a career year.


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