Red Sox: Todd Frazier trade rumor getting louder in Boston

The Boston Red Sox have had eight different players man the hot corner this year – adding Frazier short term not the answer

The 3rd base position has seen periods of being just ugly. Nothing could describe the game when Pablo Sandoval was there. The Panda couldn’t field the ball and couldn’t stay for a lengthy period of time spending long durations on the disabled list with a plethora of injuries. He just wasn’t worth the contract in the end.

The Sox now are trying to get a stop gap in Todd Frazier until rookie Rafael Devers comes up. The reason is obvious but the on the flip side this move could be detrimental to team morale. The Sox are not desperate for fielding assistance. They’re needy in the power department. There’s still time for Tzu-Wei Lin and Deven Marrero to turn it around and be the men the Sox need to perform well.

The hype for Frazier isn’t completely unwarranted. When looking at Frazier’s spray chart, there are five or six balls that he hit to left field that went for outs in other stadiums that would have been home run blasts at Fenway Park. Could Frazier make the difference for the Sox? Could this be the missing link? Not likely.

Comparing the numbers statistically, outside of the home run ball, he’s actually not even as valuable as someone the Red Sox have already. Comparing his numbers to that of Hanley Ramirez here you go:

Todd Frazier          – .210/16/44/4  .330/.438/.769 (7 errors in 66 games .958%)
Hanley Ramirez    – .262/14/36/1  .350/.450/.800

The current players manning the hot corner right now are:

Tzu-Wei Lin           – .311/0/2/1     .415/.400/.815 (1 error in 9 games .917%)
Deven Marrero     – 221/3/20/3    .268/.344/.611 (3 errors in 46 games .946%)

Clearly the Red Sox don’t have the umph at the dish but they certainly have the talent and skill to play 3rd base. It’s important defensively to save runs if you’re not going to be there knocking in runs. Sandoval wasn’t saving runs or getting runs in either. The Panda wasn’t only a defensive liability, he was an offensive one as well. No one is sad to see him go, in fact fans were wondering why his leash had been so long in the first place.

The Sox will likely need to give a decent return for Frazier and possibly a reliever. Enticing the White Sox to also send a reliever like David Robertson will come at a costlier expense. This is something the Red Sox already can’t afford to do. They already went belly up giving too much for nothing in the Travis Shaw for Tyler Thornburg trade. it’s something that I just don’t think the fans will ever forgive Dombrowski for.

Shaw for Thornburg wasn’t even a fair trade let alone the other three players that they got out of it. The Brewers will likely cool off and won’t be a contender come October but the Red Sox have a chance to be something special. They have got to focus on a couple of important of key issues at the moment. Losing Joe Kelly to the DL with a strained left hamstring hurts. Getting someone like Brock Holt back is a plus.

The Red Sox haven’t been able to stay stay healthy long term which has hurt the team. If the entire team can come back healthy in less than a month or so, the Red Sox and the Astros will look like the two teams to beat come playoffs.


Photo Credit – Mark J. Rebilas – USA TODAY Sports


One thought on “Red Sox: Todd Frazier trade rumor getting louder in Boston

  1. The Frazier deal went South via NY Yankees and then he gets hurt. Oh well Cashman will have to
    wait for his mega deal to unravel.


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