Red Sox: Hanley Ramirez walks off with solo home run in bottom of the 15th

The Boston Red Sox were hoping not to have to play 16 innings for the 2nd time in five games – thanks to Hanley Ramirez – no problem

The Red Sox were spent after their 16 inning game showdown with the Yankees just a few games ago. The Sox couldn’t afford to have another long one. Not less than a week later. You’d think so right? The Sox ended up having to play almost 15 innings again to find a winner. Thanks to Hanley Ramirez, a solo shot ended the ordeal at 1:09 AM. Watch the towering blast video right here.

Finally! What seemed like another ugly ending to a long extra inning game, the Red Sox came out on top of the Blue Jays. There was no question as soon as the ball left the bat, Hanley smoked that shot over the Green Monster in left field. It was arguably the play of the game as Dustin Pedroia would certainly be giving him a run for his money.

With two on, Pedroia fielded a Kevin Pillar grounder running to tag out Steve Pierce before firing over to first for the double play. The double play ball was killing Toronto all night as the team grounded into three during their fifteen inning affair. After each team had scored a run in the 11th inning, it was looking like once again we were headed to a long game once more.

The Red Sox were well on their way to breaking records for most innings played during a homestand and there’s still one game to go. The HanRam home run gave the Sox the spark they needed and I think that chip was carried into tonight’s affair. While the Sox lost out on the Todd Frazier sweepstakes, I don’t think any player is more happy about that than Hanley.

No one is going to take his innings away and now no is going to take his at bats away. With at bats like that, why would you want to? Ramirez has needed a spark this season and while the pop is there from time to time, it’s got to come at a more consistent pace going forward. The Red Sox need to be able to rely on their DH/1st baseman.


Photo Credit – The Boston Globe


One thought on “Red Sox: Hanley Ramirez walks off with solo home run in bottom of the 15th

  1. Hanley finally is producing some offense. I think the DFA for Sandoval made him focus more and the
    results have indicated same. Also Hanley is playing at 1st and perhaps it makes one more a part of the game. A DH only plays half of it.


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