Red Sox: Tzu-Wei Lin optioned to AAA Pawtucket

Boston Red Sox utility man Tzu-Wei Lin has been sent down to AAA Pawtucket after he cooled off and Brock Holt returned

It was only a matter of time before the Red Sox sent Tzu-Wei Lin back to the minors. With Brock Holt back after no longer seeing stars, the Sox needed to promote their super utility man back to active duty. Holt hasn’t made as much of a bang as Lin has so far this year but having that extra flexibility will be valuable down the stretch. Holt is seen as a huge asset for situations like the predicament the Sox are in right now.

With Xander Bogaerts out with a nagging injury, the Sox have got to field players that can handle the hot corner and short stop. Holt can do both of those in Bogey’s absence. It’s not the end for Lin. He’ll certainly get another chance to prove himself. He didn’t by any stretch of the imagination blow his chance of coming back. Lin saw his average drop from .360 to .280 in just nine games.

Lin went just 5/25 over those nine games with just two runs scored and no RBI’s. He also added five walks and six strike outs. There is a significant lack of power there, that much is obvious, but he made up for his lack of muscle with arm strength and fielding ability. Holt has three hits spanning his last 13 at bats and has one RBI with two runs scored and has a stolen base. He also has one walk and five strike outs.

Holt definitely isn’t as patient as Lin was in Boston but part of that is getting the rust off and getting re-acclimated with major league pitching once again. We have not heard the last of Tzu-Wei and Linsanity.


Photo Credit – Kim Klement – USA TODAY Sports


One thought on “Red Sox: Tzu-Wei Lin optioned to AAA Pawtucket

  1. Lin had performed admirably when he was called up to the Red Sox. Along with Marrero they shored up the 3rd base position which has been a danting hole of defensive woes. Now that Brock Holt is back Lin’s
    future is in doubt with the Red Sox.

    I think Dombrowski will be making a trade for some hitting. He has until next Monday to do so and even
    though the Red Sox pitching is fantastic, the starters are sick of getting an L when it’s not their fault. You
    may even see Price go with his off field issues with the press and the Boston fans in general.


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