Red Sox: Fister rocked against Blue Jays – falls to 0 – 4 as starter in 2017

The Boston Red Sox seem to only have four healthy starters in the rotation – latest attempt at finding a 5th man fails once again

Doug Fister was pitching very well in 2014. In less than three years since his 16 – 6 campaign and 3.67 ERA, we’re left staring at the gaudy 0 – 4 record with a now 7.89 ERA. After five starts, it’s safe to say that Fister is NOT the answer for the Red Sox. His worst performance of the season just happened and it wasn’t pretty. Fister allowed six runs on seven hits, all earned while also walking four and striking out three in 4 1/3rd innings.

His ERA shot up from 6.75 to 7.89 and nothing seemed to go right for him especially in the 4th inning when he allowed four runs on two hits and walked four batters in the inning. It just didn’t seem like Farrell knew what to do after leaving a man in there for that many pitches. Clearly he wasn’t in the zone. Once you walk three guys in the same inning, let alone four men, there’s something wrong.

Farrell came in too late, a trait he’s displayed too often this season. A 38 pitch inning including two batters that saw four straight balls and another three batters that started with two ball counts, one of which started with a three ball count. He wasn’t getting his pitches to do their thing. 24 balls to 14 strikes is an ugly split. 63% pitches in that inning for balls? Please tell me there was a light at the end of the tunnel.

Aside from the 3rd inning, he allowed two runs on five hits with three strike outs and one home run allowed in 3 1/3rd innings of work. Still not a great line but the walks killed him. The time has come to have Eduardo Rodriguez return to the rotation and it comes at the perfect time. Sox fans are not pleased to see a loss every fifth game given the starter. They’ve already got to watch Rick Porcello not get run support.

Watching what feels like two pitchers automatically never get the win is now tired. They need to make a chance. Fister will have a chance to be a long reliever which personally I think is a role that could suit him very well. Sox management isn’t desperate for starters or depth. Rumors have begun to swirl of a potential Cole Hamels move to Boston which would definitely make things interesting. Who would move out of the rotation?

Also if Hamels were to join, the Red Sox would have an almost exclusive lefty rotation leaving Porcello as the lone righty. One thing was sure from the get go, Fister was never the answer nor was he the long term solution. Fans certainly were hoping that he would have offered a little bit more than what he had done in five starts. Unfortunately it didn’t work out the way they had hoped for.

At the very least, a win would have been nice. With an 0 – 4 record, fans in Beantown can’t possibly have too many expectations for him as a starter. If something goes wrong with the current rotation, maybe they revisit it but now it looks like a lock that he’s out. It’s likely that his spot will be in long relief. It’s sad, but it looks like Fister is done as a starter in the majors.

The Sox escaped a bullet and by Sox I mean Dave Dombrowski because, you know fans would have called for his resignation had he traded away the one prospect every team wishes they had. Rafael Devers torched through AA Portland and so far has done the same in AAA Pawtucket while only through a limited number of games. It’s only a matter of time before he smokes major leaguer pitchers away too.


Photo Credit – Charles Krupa – AP Photo



One thought on “Red Sox: Fister rocked against Blue Jays – falls to 0 – 4 as starter in 2017

  1. Fister has been the victim, not lack of offense, but of defense. The latest game had Brock Holt
    at second and Bogaerts at short both losing a ball in the sun light. Fister should get another start
    and preferably at night.


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