Red Sox: Who has best chance of getting targeted by Boston?

The Boston Red Sox didn’t pull the trigger on the Todd Frazier and David Robertson deal with the White Sox – will they make a move?

Sometimes the best moves in baseball are the ones you never make. There’s no question that the White Sox would have continued to clean the Red Sox farm system and that’s something Dave Dombrowski cannot afford to do at this point. They’ve committed too much to both Chris Sale and Tyler Thornburg. One player has panned out, the other has not. Are there any hopes for any additions? I think there might be.

The Yankees ended up getting both in a deal with the White Sox. While they missed out on someone who could have been great in the bullpen, there are still plenty of options left on the table. Here’s a look at a couple of options the Sox might take a look into with just under 10 days until the deadline.

Pat Neshek

The Phillies haven’t been a good team all season long. One of the lone players to attempt to make a difference would be Pat Neshek. Neshek is enjoying a great season this year at age 36. He’s got a 3 – 2 record with a 1.17 ERA through 41 games and has also posted 10 holds and one save. He’s also got 41 strike outs through 38 1/3rd innings pitched.

Neshek played this year on a club option for $6.5 million. The only drawback that could possibly deter the Sox from making a move would be his age. If he were to get traded, the package wouldn’t have to be huge, as he’s a free agent going into 2018. Perhaps the Red Sox could entice him to take a slight discount to play for a contender. Adding Neshek undeniably strengthens the pen which took a hit when Joe Kelly got injured.


Justin Wilson

The Tigers haven’t been one of the better teams and have already made moves sending outfielder J.D. Martinez to Arizona. Justin Wilson’s name makes sense when talking about bolstering the pen as well. Wilson is 3 – 4 with a 2.75 ERA and has 50 strike outs through 36 innings. Wilson is a free agency next season and again would cost little to nothing to bring him over from Detroit.

This move would allow the Red Sox to evaluate if adding him for next season would be a smart move or one they would rather pass on. Wilson is also arbitration eligible for one more season before hitting the market as an unrestricted free agent. Could be worth bolstering up the pen with the 29 year old lefty.


Mike Minor

The Kansas City Royals also have Mike Minor who more than likely will get moved to a team before the deadline. Minor is 5 – 2 with a 2.31 ERA through 38 games with 50 K’s in 46 2/3rd’s innings. Minor is getting $8.7 million this season and has a mutual option worth $10 million for 2018 or a $1.25 million dollar buy out.

It’s likely that if he gets signed, he’ll be released and resigned for a little less to better assist the team. Minor has pitched six games against American League opponents not counting the Red Sox and has pitched eight innings allowing three hits, no runs, walked one batter and struck out ten. Definitely worth a good look at the left hander.


Mike Moustakas

Minor wasn’t the only Mike on the list and not the only Royal. Mike Moustakas is both a defensive and offensive option to play the hot corner. Moose is making $8.7 this season and will be a free agent next season. When you think about someone who’s killed the ball, you gotta consider M2. Moustakas is slashing .275/25/59 through 85 games.

It’s already a career high in homers for the the 3rd baseman and his RBI total is good enough for the 3rd most of his career. His .275 batting average is also the 2nd best of his career behind the .284 average of 2015. Could Moustakas be the missing link? The package for him would certainly be larger than that of a player in the bullpen.


Manny Machado

Upset special. Upset for multiple reasons. This is someone I hope doesn’t come to Boston considering who we have playing 3rd base for the Paw Sox in AAA. Manny Machado has been linked to several teams, the Red Sox being one of those teams. Seeing Manny in Boston already draws boos. Would Dombrowski be willing to put his comments about the Red Sox organization aside to get someone who could be great?

There are no signs that Machado will sign long term with the Orioles and with the direction the team is headed, the Orioles would be smart to get as much as they possibly can right now before he walks and the Orioles get nothing. Machado made $11.5 million this season and will certainly get a big long term contract for 2018 and beyond. While you cannot deny the talent that Manny has, you can say no to the attitude.

Few players get booed almost immediately in Boston, Manny is one of those guys. We forgave David Price for tagging David Ortiz when he was with the Rays at Fenway Park. Maybe some time is all that needs to happen before the would is healed? If Machado were to come to Boston, what would the Sox then do with Rafael Devers?

Would Devers be part of the deal that would get him? If Machado committed to Boston, could Dombrowski pull the trigger and make the move? I think it’s a long shot and most fans do too.


Ian Kinsler

Another Tiger has been named as a potential player in the rumor mill as far as trading goes to Boston. Ian Kinsler could be a great fit given his ability to play 2nd base and power when it actually comes back. He’s due just a $10 million dollar team option for 2018 or $5 million dollar buy out. Kinsler wouldn’t be playing 2nd base as Dustin Pedroia has that position locked up.

Could Kinsler be the 3rd baseman until Devers, the Red Sox 3rd baseman of the future is ready to play? Theoretically, whoever the man is, will have to accept the fact that when Devers comes up, it’ll be his spot to lose. Dombrowski already knows what Kinsler can do as he was his former GM when they were together. It’s peculiar that he’s targeted two players from his former team and two players on another team in the division.

Personally, it’s hard to not believe in Dombrowski when regarding players in his former division. He’s going to know a thing or two about those players as he’s seen them enough during his time as GM in the American League Central prior to coming to Boston.


What are the odds that one or two players come to Boston via trade? Personally I don’t think the Sox will add a power bat considering the cost of what it’ll take to land one. There is a very high probability that Dombrowski will see just how his bullpen is doing just before the deadline. You run the risk of being too late but at the same time, Dombrowski doesn’t risk going over the cap which is very important.

The Sox are not in a bad place and if they can continue to play the way they have been and the Yankees continue to drop games the way they do, not only will the Red Sox have a comfortable lead, they won’t have to dip any further into their farm club to land major league players ready to play for what could be their first title ever.


Photo Credit – Robert Deutsch – USA TODAY Sports


One thought on “Red Sox: Who has best chance of getting targeted by Boston?

  1. Pat Neshell – Best choice
    ’15 3-6 3.62 66 54.2 25 12 51
    ’16 2-2 3.06 60 47.0 17 11 43
    ’17 3-2 1.12 43 40.1 5 5 45

    Justin Wilson- 2nd choice
    ’15 5-0 3.10 74 61.0 21 20 66
    ’16 4-5 4.14 66 58.2 29 11 65
    ’17 3-4 2.82 40 38.1 12 16 54

    Mike Minor- red flag 2 seaons out?
    ;13 13-9 3.21 32 204.2 79 46 181
    ;14 6-12 4.77 25 145.1 77 44 120
    ’17 5-2 2.23 40 48.1 13 12 52

    Mike Moustakas- No need if Devers works out.
    Manny Machado- “baseball is boring”- don’t need him


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