Red Sox: Pablo Sandoval making headlines for all the wrong reasons

The Boston Red Sox tried an experiment by giving Pablo Sandoval a five year deal worth $95 million – end result was anything but expected

When you think of players that get deals approaching $100 million, you think of superstar players. You think of leaders. You think of pieces on a club that are going to transform a team from pretender to contender. Pablo Sandoval ended up getting a five year deal worth $100 million including his buy out in 2020 and ended up playing less than a full season in Boston.

His second year in Boston was something that could have been laughed at, emphasized greatly by an at bat in Toronto in which his belt buckle broke. He didn’t last too long after that, hitting the disabled list with season ending surgery. No way could the Sox have paid this much for a player that under performed in year one, and didn’t even register a hit in year two. No way could the results be worse, right? Wrong. So wrong.

Sandoval ended up coming into Spring Training posting photos of an in shape new person who looked ready to go. He showed up early and actually pretended to care is what anyone can possibly say now. He didn’t end the first half on a high note after really crushing Spring Training. The Red Sox at that point had to think about it, if he was to do well in the first half, perhaps package him and another player to another team.

Sure, they were going to have to eat some contract up but it was obvious that management made a huge mistake and was trying to recoup some of the damage. Just some of that $100 million would have been lovely. Now, the Sox are stuck with owing this excuse of a ball player $49.5 million through 2020. It’s simply disgusting. He shouldn’t get paid for quitting on the team.

Players that don’t perform because of attitude or simply just not caring should have their contracts nullified. He was not fit to play the position and slowly but surely, started eating his way out of the game. There’s NO way another team would ever consider giving him a chance after this right? Only a team that wasn’t going anywhere might consider adding someone with no morals and no team mentality right? Wrong again.

Rumors began circulating that the Panda was being recruited to join back with San Francisco. That didn’t surprise me, since I think the Giants will do anything to fill seats but for all the wrong reasons. Maybe the team needed to unload some of their Panda product? The world will never know why they decided to give him another chance. Mayb e the GM in San Francisco saw something we didn’t? Pretty sure we saw nothing.

When it comes to a player not early a contract, Pablo’s name needs to be a front runner for that award. He was a bust, disgrace, unhappy player that felt like he earned the contract he received from Boston after not doing a thing for Beantown. Personally, I will never watch the Giants play with him on the team. Sandoval owes the Red Sox $49.5 million dollars through 2020.

I wish the team would just say, “nope, we’re not paying you. You didn’t earn it.” That’d be fair right? Would appear that way to me and Sox fans everywhere. Heck, fans across the nation agree that Panda’s contract was just way wrong and way off from the beginning. Thanks Ben Cherington, there’s only you to blame on signing the Kung-Fu-less Panda.

Panda has since apologized to the Giants and their fan base exclaiming that he, “apologized to his teammates and has learned his lesson.” If that lesson comes with a meal, then someone we know unfortunately all too well, will certainly be “learning” a lesson. The entire fact that he’s now apologizing to the wrong team is just unbelievable.

Sure, let’s apologize to the team that literally said, “Haha, we’re not going to sign you because we see you QUITTING on the field. Best of luck finding a job somewhere else.” Cherington made possibly one of the worst moves of his GM career. Not sure who in their right mind would have said yes to both signings that off season. Hanley Ramirez has at least shown signs of brilliance and his last season’s output was impressive.

Ramirez knows now that there is a short lease on him. He’s performed alright this year. Sandoval will be lucky to make it to the majors again in 2017 let alone his career. There’s a higher chance that Rick Porcello wins 10 games by the end of next season before we see Panda hit 10 home runs by the end of next season.

He’s done and it’s about time the Giants accepted that fact. He wasn’t the answer in Boston and certainly will not be the answer in San Francisco. The Giants aren’t going anywhere as they currently in 5th place in the National League West, the 2nd worst record in the National League, and the 2nd worst record in all of baseball. Sure, adding a player that quit on one team makes sense to add on another.

The Red Sox got rid of the cancer on the team and now 29 other teams get to laugh at the 30th team thinking that their latest addition to the squad will make the difference. If ever there was a shaking your head kinda moment, this one would be just that.


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One thought on “Red Sox: Pablo Sandoval making headlines for all the wrong reasons

  1. Signing Pablo Sandoval was an enormous mistake. Despite numerous chances to prove the Red Sox wrong, Pablo continued to play bad baseball. Red Sox nation is owed an apology not the Giants’ fans.

    John Henry will have to dish out the 41 million over the next few years. Unfortunately that puts the Red Sox payroll up or over the penalty amount.


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