Red Sox: Doug Fister falters as Sox lose their 4th straight game

The Boston Red Sox converted starter Doug Fister to a reliever and was given the lead in the top of the 13th to only squander it against Seattle

After another game lasting over four hours, something has got to be done. I’m not talking about just adding Eduardo Nunez from the San Francisco Giants. We need to do something more. Rafael Devers displayed signs of power and good contact ability along with great patience. While Devers didn’t get a hit in his Major League debut, he still had some good at bats. The rookie drew two walks and scored his first major league run.

Fans at this point have lost their patience for Doug Fister in any capacity. He’s not getting the job done. He’s got to be designated for assignment at this point. Bring someone else up who can get the job done. Fister was never the long term solution and after last night’s performance, it’s clear he’s not the short term solution. Fister has lost four games in the month of July. This just wasn’t the perfect fit that Dombrowski was hoping for.

Fister allowed two runs both earned and both in the bottom of the 13th inning, on three hits while also walking two batters and also managing to strike out three. Fister’s 2nd performance out of the bullpen went for 2 2/3rd’s innings of work. Not good enough. His appearances will have to get better if he wants to stay in Boston.

While Fister was able to lower his ERA slightly from a disasterous 7.54 to a just as unsightly 7.46, I don’t think Fister can be trusted in any high or mid level type situations. Unless the Red Sox are getting blown out, Fister doesn’t belong in that game. Would he accept a demotion to the minors with the opportunity to pitch in Boston once more? That seems like the most likely option for the team.

Most forgot that Drew Pomeranz was the pitcher who started the game and while he didn’t pitch very poorly, it wasn’t one of his better performances either. Pom has now walked four or more batters in three of his last four starts. He’s got to work on the walk number going forward in order to be able to pitch deeper into games. His string of four quality starts also ended after only managing five innings of work.

What needs to change? At the moment, they are looking for a hitter that doesn’t just get on base. Nunez provides a much needed boost of getting on base and the ability to steal bases. Both will be essential for the Red Sox down the line. What else needs to change? If John Farrell doesn’t fix the issues inside the clubhouse soon, his job might be on the line.


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One thought on “Red Sox: Doug Fister falters as Sox lose their 4th straight game

  1. It is indeed time to designate for assignment, Doug Fister. Baseball players age differently and in Fister’s case I guess rather quickly. Once a star of the game, he should have retired when his performances went south.

    With a DFA, there will be an open roster spot for Devers to stay despite Nunez coming from
    San Francisco.


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